Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Daisy Naughty, Daisy Nice

Here's Daisy pretending to be half-awake or half-asleep. This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I think she just finished playing catch with Kepi when I took this photo, so she was probably tired from all the running and catching.  I have to say that at 13 years old, she has the exuberance of a puppy.

We adopted Daisy from a rescue group in 2014. When we first met her, we bonded right away and we instantly became a family. She was my therapy dog during my long recovery from transplant. She's my angel.

Well, she's not totally angel-like.

We know she tries on every seat or couch in the house when we're not at home. She also ate the 16 party cupcakes I baked and left for cooling on the dining table.  And most recently, she managed to reach the bacon on the high stove. Poor Kepi couldn't make his BLT sandwich when he came home.

Well, no matter, we still love Daisy - naughty or nice.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cloudless Sky

After three days of storm, a bright sun and a cloudless sky greeted us.

It is also time for recovery.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Surviving Jonas

We survived blizzard Jonas!

It's been three days of on and off shoveling and trying to clear the driveway from snow. My arms and back are so sore and I am just physically and mentally exhausted. Storm Jonas dropped about 3 feet of snow in my area and it will take time before we'll recover.

Saturday, second day of storm: the snow was up to 2+ feet. Our neighbor was out battling snow with his snowblower, which later broke.

It was a losing battle.

Our main street and sidewalks disappeared in a few hours.

Sunday was the second time we were out shoveling again. The sidewalks were more like trenches.

While we shoveled all day, Daisy found solace on the snow and welcomed the warmth of the sun.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Advisory And Blog Award

Taken - January 2015.

I thought Mr. Winter had forgotten the good ol' State of Maryland.  For some time now, our weather has been more spring-like than winter. It was sort of a dull Christmas season because it was devoid of any sort or form of white dusting. Then lo and behold, there's been a lot of chatter about a winter weather advisory for this coming Friday! We're talking about a blizzard watch!

I'm not sure if I should get excited or worried because I commute to work and a snow storm means slippery roads and train delays. I'm still hoping our office will decide to close and I'd get my first snow day of the year. Yipeee!

Well, let's leave the topic of weather for the time being.


This week, I've been given a blog award by Saturday Thoughts; it's been ages since I received one. Thank you so much for the award.

7 Random Facts About Me

  1. Since my transplant and I lost all my hair due to chemo, I have no patience in letting my hair grow. I've been keeping my hair really short since then.
  2. I work in an industry that has nothing to do with what I studied in college. Can anyone guess what I do?  (I studied History in undergrad by the way.)
  3. I still prefer snail mail to e-mail.
  4. I love it when it rains. It brings me a feeling of relief.
  5. I am starting a new blog dedicated solely for travel and photos - kayni: travel cafe. I hope I can keep it up. This blog, kayni's corner cafe, will remain as my personal blog.
  6. If asked what I'd love to do full-time - travel.
  7. I love to travel but I hate flying.
NOTE: I am supposed to nominate a number of blogs for this award, but I'd suggest that anyone who'd love to do this post are welcome to do so. Just do let me know so that I can come read your post.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ireland: Driving Through The Connemara Loop

To pick up where I left off before I went on my unplanned hiatus from blogging, I'll continue featuring photos I took from our May 2015 vacation to Ireland.

In Galway, we stayed at a B&B called Periwinkle. Our host, Joan, was great and so helpful in providing maps and directions regarding our travel plans there. For our drive, we followed the Connemara Loop.

Although it rained on and off during our drive, I managed to capture (I think!) the essence and beauty of the scenic Connemara National Park. We planned Connemara National Park to be a full day of driving, but the area is so beautiful that each turn is a delight. We had to make so many stops.

We passed through this area on our way to Killary Fjord.
A cutie was actually observing me when I got off our car to take some photos.
Kepi and I sat here for a long time. The fairy island looks so inviting and the view was calming and beautiful.
Irish Blackface Sheep grazing nearby.
At the Connemara National Park, it was the emerald open fields and mountains that spoke to me. Located on the West Coast of Ireland, this place have survived time and the lashing of the Atlantic wind. It is wild and I absolutely love it!

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