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My Fourth Rebirthday

I'm still pretty sick, but this sniffle is not stopping me from celebrating my Fourth Rebirthday ~ January 11, 2018. I saw my transplant doctor, Dr. D, on the 12th, and I am quite happy that my tests all came back normal. The doctor was a little concerned about my cold, so if things get worse, she instructed me to go see my primary care physician at once. I told her that I get colds/sinusitis three to four times a year, and she explained that my immune system will always be a tad weaker or slower. I guess this is my new normal and just have to learn to accept it. With my annual check-up out of the way, I'm going to focus on Kepi's surgery which will take place in two weeks.

The new year won't be exciting without a new 2018 monthly planner. I'm also starting this 100 Days of Gratefulness: A gratitude journal. I can't wait to fill these two with new ideas and adventures.
For 2018, I don't really have any resolutions, but here's a few things on my list tha…
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Sniffles, Surgeries Go Away!

I'm sick again. I hate it! This is probably my second or third bout of sniffles this year. Our freezing weather here is not helping my sniffly situation at all.
It is brutally cold. Our heater has been churning non-stop since we came home from our Amsterdam vacation. The weatherman said something about some deep freeze and bomb cyclone. Whatever is going on weather-wise, it is uncomfortably cold. I've been wearing three to four layers of winter wear but the coldness still creeps in all the way to my bones. I'm not sure if the weather is just that bad or that I'm just getting old.

However, I am quite excited to be celebrating my fourth bone-marrow transplant' re-birthday on January 11th. I will be seeing my transplant doctor on the 12th for my annual blood work, biopsy and pulmonary function test. As always, I hope for normal counts and results. I'm hoping that my body will be fully recovered from the sniffles when I go in for my tests.
On another note, I thoug…

Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year when getting out of bed in the morning is pure struggle accompanied by the ugly protesting groans of not wanting to get up. The warm blanket has a stronger appeal than showing up at work. For two weeks now, my new winter morning ritual have been comprised of hitting the snooze button up to three times, followed by a discombobulated run to shower and hastily put on whatever I could grab from the closet (which resulted to mismatch socks and mistakenly wearing my old, shapeless/stretched out sweatshirt to work). I actually wore that sweatshirt while having chemo four years ago. Thus, showing up late to the office has been my norm this time of year. Heck, I was even late to our company Christmas party. So thank goodness I'm officially on holiday today!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2018 to all!

And Then I Don't Feel So Sad

When the dog bites When the bee stings When I'm feeling sad  I simply remember my favorite things And then I don't feel so bad
I hate Sunday evenings! Every Sunday evening, I get the case of Monday Blues, and it's quite unpleasant. I was just telling Kepi how I wish we could do over Thanksgiving and have another four-day weekend. Alas, I can't stop the hours from ticking. It's also not helping that one of my colleagues will be on vacation this week and I am taking over her responsibilities in addition to mine. I guess I simply have to remember my favorite things to fight off the stress and these Monday Blues.

Our Thanksgiving went great. Kepi and I made reservations for a Thanksgiving lunch buffet at Pienza. I think this is our third time going there for Thanksgiving and there may not be a fourth one as we felt the menu this year was limited.

 Great offering of pastries and bread
 Turkey carving station
 All types of petite desserts
 My favorite are the Pumpkin Cheesec…

Autumn Is Late And The Christmas Card Project

I think I said "autumn" too soon. It's been an uncharacteristically warm October. I'm still walking around wearing shirts and blouses. It's strange because even the trees are looking lackluster compared to the fall foliage we've had the past couple of years.  It's also been a dry season as we haven't had one of those soaking, cold autumn rain that makes you want to crawl back to bed even in the middle of the day. This dryness is fostering my annoying rag weed allergies.

A week ago, we saw Ann Patchett's interview conversation with the witty and funny Tom Hanks. Our tickets included a free copy of his book, "Uncommon Type." (I still have to read it.) The interview was witty and the views expressed were profound. He is a well read person. I was quite surprised to learn that Mr. Hanks collects vintage typewriters and has about 200 of them.

My favorite quote from the interview is, "If you're so disgusted about the present, go read s…

26 Staples Later

Perhaps it's time to pack the summer clothes away and air out the sweaters and stockings again. The first couple of days of September ushered in rain and the chilly autumn air. I've heard a few people complaining that they'll miss the warmth of summer, but I can't complain. I am grateful we survived the trials of August. Most of all, I am grateful for the support of family and prayers from friends all over the world. Kepi's surgery went smoothly and he is well on the road to recovery. Amazingly, he went back to work in less than two weeks. Although he still can't hear through his right ear (the surgery site), gets occasional headaches and complains of a metallic taste in his mouth, he is managing quite well. His medical team at the hospital was absolutely wonderful! I can't thank them enough.

Although I'm still in the adjusting period, my new job is going well. It's "always" tough to be the newbie. I think we've all been there at some…

To A New Adventure

I am baking a new recipe of Banana Chocolate Bread today. I'm hoping it will come out good. I think this is the first time in a couple of months I'm baking again. I miss it.

I've been away again. I just couldn't get the motivation to write for some reason. I think part of it is that Kepi and I are looking at another health issue - his brain tumors. I've always been the patient and Kepi my caregiver. Now, this role will be reversed. I never knew that it is harder and tougher to be the caregiver most specially when you see your spouse suffering.

Kepi's second MRI imaging was done a week ago. This week, we're going to see his doctor again and schedule his surgery. Please keep him in your prayers.

My vegetable garden is doing quite well even with the abnormally late arrival of summer weather. I managed to plant some Tomatoes, Bitter Melons, Bokchoy, Chives and Dill. I still have a few Peppers to transplant, so I'm hoping to get to it this coming weekend. Q…