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Where Are You Christmas?

Where are you Christmas?

It seems a long time ago that I'd feel complete exuberance as soon as September first arrives. The -ber months would usher that Christmas feeling and warmth. If I'm not mistaken, I lost that feeling about six years ago. To those who are not familiar with my story, I was very sick for a long time and started my bone-marrow transplant journey during the holidays of 2013. Imagine getting an infusion on New Year's Day. My transplant was followed by years of being sick and recovery, then my husband's ordeal with three brain tumor related surgeries. Ever since, I am struggling to find that Christmas feeling, and I do miss it.

One project I do annually to get into the holiday spirit is send Christmas cards to family and friends. It's my way of spreading Christmas cheer. Although the Christmas cheer is elusive to me at the moment, I do hope that these cards may bring smile and happiness to all recipients.

I've also started playing Christmas caro…

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