Monday, July 25, 2016

Short And Sweet

Ok, I haven't written for a while.

Sometimes, we need to step back, enjoy the usual things or the little things, and live without the pressure of writing about it.

Majahual Beach, Mexico

After my gallbladder surgery, Kepi and I flew to Florida in late March to catch our cruise ship at the Port of Miami. Our cruise ship sailed to Colombia, Honduras, Panama (crossed the Panama Canal), Costa Rica, Belize and Mexico. I will be posting photos from our travels, but for the mean time, I will post a lazy bullet update.

At the moment:
  • I am recovering from my leg procedure. I am hoping the hemangioma will start to shrink (doctor said 4-6 weeks), as it's been difficult and painful to move with its weight. I am praying this is the last procedure for me. I have grown weary of hospital visits and smells.
  • My vegetable garden is beaming with tomatoes, bittermelon vines, peppers, malabar spinach etc. A fruitful garden makes my heart so happy and contented.
  • Lastly and what's been occupying most of my time is, the search for a new career. After ten years in the non-profit industry, I got the jolt I needed to start searching for a new one. I'm not sure where I'm heading, but I am hoping that the puzzle pieces will fall into place...soon.
I am hoping to visit your blogs soon. I'm still adjusting to my new schedule.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday Mutter

It's Wednesday and I don't feel like working. This is probably because I didn't get a decent sleep last night. It felt rather warm even if we're still supposedly in winter. We did get one big snow storm, but this winter was the warmest I've ever experienced while living in Maryland. I'm so afraid we'll skip spring and head straight to an excruciatingly hot and humid summer.

I hope I'm wrong.

Today, we're expected to reach 79 degrees. That is 20 degrees above normal temperatures for this time of the year.

This is a park close to our house.

On another note, I am recovering well from my surgery. Thank you to all your well wishes and prayers. I think that my system is still adjusting to the loss of my gallbladder, but I've been feeling much better the past few days. The stitches are coming out next week.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Waiting For The Train

This morning, I took this photo while waiting for the train to work.

The photo looks calm and snowy; we got about an inch or two of snow dusting last night.  What you don't see is the cold, frustrated crowd waiting for the train. You see, we were offloaded at this station due to some technical difficulties, and my usual 45-minute commute became a two-hour ordeal.

I know the new manager of DC Metro is making some changes, but DC Metro delays are frustrating  especially when you're running an hour late to work.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Finding My Happy Place

What do you do when you're nervous or scared of something? Because I'm nervous as hell at the moment.

I have big ticket items on my list for the next few months, and I'm not talking about concert tickets. I'm actually pertaining to (1) a root canal; (2) surgery this week; and, (3) a second possible surgery sooner or later this year. I feel overwhelmed.

I am scheduled to undergo Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy this Thursday. I know it's one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures, but I'm a worry wart and it doesn't make things easy.

My question is, "How many more medical procedures do I have to go through?" I'm frustrated and there are times I feel defeated in my quest for normalcy. Somehow, I've forgotten how it feels to be normal. What is normalcy anyway? For a BMT survivor, I guess this is my new normal - to keep fighting and surviving.

I've been unable to get a decent sleep the past few days, so I've been keeping myself occupied by "going out" (walking and shopping) and if I'm at home, I bake.

 I feel happiest when I'm baking. The humming of my mixer helps dull the pain of my worries.

My mind turns to happier memories as the oven warms my kitchen. I feel excitement as the aromas of cinnamon and vanilla fill my home. My sense of taste takes over as I savor every bite of anything I baked.

When I bake, I am in my happy place.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Maryland: Swallow Falls

On our second day in Oakland, we visited a couple of indoor flea markets in the morning; I found a cookie jar and a first edition of the book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  In the afternoon, we decided to do a little hike to Swallow Falls.

The trail was icy and slippery, which made for a treacherous hike. I wasn't sure if I was sweating from anticipation to see the falls or from fear of slipping and landing flat on my back. My boots couldn't get a good grip. It felt freezing up in the mountains.

My excitement unraveled when I saw the beauty and nature that surrounded me.

Waterfalls frozen in time.

Icicle ornaments.

 We had to get off the trail to check out these beautiful ice formations by the shore.

Island by the Youghiogheny River.

Swallow Falls wasn't as big as I expected, but it was refreshing to hear the rush of the freezing water.
The sound of the waterfall was zen. I felt the pulse of the river and the quiet breathing of the trees. I also realized how time doesn't exist in places like these.

I want to go back.

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