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Bloody Monday

The room looked all too familiar, as I've been here countless times before. Mom was at the waiting room, while I waited for my doctor in one of those tiny, cold, examination rooms. I was reading E magazine, when I felt a warm fluid oozing through my left arm. I panicked. The gauze covering the blood test area was soaked. I ran to the lab and asked the nurse, "Is this normal?" She exclaimed, "No." She immediately took me back to the examination room, cleaned my arm, applied pressure, and put on a new gauze. I kept looking at the bandage in case it gets soaked again. I was relieved, but my body felt cold and weak. It was the shock wearing off.

Since I found out that I have low platelets, I've always been very careful about being cut or being injured in any way. I've been poked and prodded for the past two years but nothing conclusive has come out on what's causing my condition. Finally, Doctor H came in with my chart. He and the nurse talked as he came over to check on me. He sat down, apologized for being late, and told me that my platelets went down another 5000. I guess I was used to hearing this, as my platelets have been enjoying a roller coaster ride for the past two years - nothing new, but the bleeding occurrence was a first and it scared the shit out of me. As of now, there are no medications I can take to get my platelets count up, so Doctor H recommended that I should come back for another test in two months and all we should do is monitor my platelets. I nodded but deep inside, I was frustrated for answers. I looked at my arm. It stopped bleeding.

It was 3 PM, and Doctor H was my third appointment of the day. I took Monday off, and I was thankful I was able to cram three doctors' appointments in one day. Mom and I decided to relax in the afternoon. We thought we deserved some time to decompress, so we drove to the Washingtonian Waterfront which is about 10 minutes away from the clinic. It was rather a perfect, fall day. I thought, I shouldn't let this bloody Monday get me down, so off we went...

The bridge over the pond at the Washingtonian Waterfront. This is quite a charming place to shop, watch movies, and eat.
The Waterfront from a distance. They usually rent out boats during the summer. I've seen paddlers get soaked by that fountain, and it never fails to make me laugh.
Here's the sculpture of Puss-in-Boots at the Washingtonian Mall. There's also a Winnie-the-Pooh sculpture, but this one's my favorite.
Mom and I spent about three hours at the B&N and browsed through books and magazines. Somehow, I find the company of books soothing and friendly. I wanted to buy a couple of books, but I opted to just purchase one - "The Reluctant Fundamentalist."
Here's a great Mexican food restaurant in the area. They have excellent marinated, grilled beef accompanied by soft tacos and side dishes. Aside from the good food, the place is also brightly colored. You can see the Winnie-the-Pooh sculpture in front of the restaurant.


  1. What a monday you had. I can almost imagine how you looked like with the sight of blood. I used to be anemic. I remember my Hemerate supplement all throughout high school and early part of college. It's normal now. I hope your blood count would stabilize in time.

    But hey, I'm sad I can't enjoy the pix. Flickr is blocked across UAE. :( Don't worry, my sense of imagination is kickin'. As long as the captions are there. =)

    Take care!

  2. It was a mixture of panic and coldness. It was quite an experience, but I, too, hope that this will get resolved soon.

    I'm so sorry you can't see the photos. I was using my phone camera at that time, so it was easier to send them to

  3. Oh no! That's scary. I imagine it must be frustrating for you not being able to do something about it.

    Take care.

  4. hey kayni! the statue of puss is really nice with all the swirly fur ;-) show us the one of pooh please?

    take care of yourself hun!

  5. Josiet, I am a bit frustrated about this. I keep hoping that soon we'll find what's causing my condition. Thank you for visiting.

    Caryn, I'll post a photo of Pooh on my other future entries =). Take care as well.

  6. i'm so sorry to hear about your bloody monday. and to think that you've been enduring that for two years now.. i hope you're okay..

  7. That is some monday you had. Hope your mysterious illness gets resolved soon! Amping!

  8. angeli, i'm doing okay =). it was just one of those days i freaked

    layrayski, i do hope we'll get to the bottom of this. it's the "not knowing part" that's driving me nuts.

  9. Take care always kayni. *hugs* Now let's go get some Mexican food!

  10. Toni, hugs back =). thank you. yes, let's go eat mexican food.

  11. Low platelets? Hmmm... I've heard of being anemic but not this.

    Yeah, hope it stabilizes soon. I have a friend with high blood pressure and it drives him nuts thinking about it, which increases his blood pressure even more. Sigh...

  12. hi kayni, you have a nice place here huh... very organized, i love it. i will visit more often... boss ain't around so i can bloghop...

  13. Aw, nice post here. I love it. When i was in high school, i had low platelets too, recently i have been going to the doc too for an allergy treatment and he recommends me to some lab examinations. They really suck a syringe-full of blood, it makes me dizzy!

  14. It must be pretty frustrating not knowing exactly what's wrong with your health.

    I'm glad to read that you don't let it ruin your life :)

  15. hi layad, when they told me about my low platelets two years back, i was surprised too. i know anemia but not this. thank you for visiting. i do hope that my platelets will stabilize soon.

    hi sheng, yes, they do get a lot of blood. i've had tests where they filled up about five test tubes. i just look away and think of something else while they do it. i hope your tests will come out fine. thanks for visiting.

    daphne, i used to worry and think about it all the time, but now, i just live with this condition as well as live my life as well.

  16. oh kayni, i hope you are soon fine! i hate needles, and your bloody episode is even scarier. take care of you, and may your platelets rise very soon!

    beautiful pictures, what a great place to relax. :) i used to have a shirt before with puss in boots printed on it. it's nice to remember that too. :)

    take care and have a grand weekend ahead!

  17. ms firefly, i am doing well. thank you. it was quite an experience, and i'm hoping there won't be another one like that. have a great weekend as well.

  18. hi kayni! just be strong. i too have a cousin in maryland who's been sick all her life, something to do with the blood. the doctor said the sickness is prominent with people having Jewish or of Jewish descent. maybe my spanish greatgrandpa has a jewish blood.. coz my cousin's mom had her family tracked down but they couldn't track any in her family who is of jewish descent...

    just pray.. God will never give us something we couldn't bear nor fight... or conquer.. just always trust in His love...

  19. hi sis, weew! I've never seen nor heard of profuse bleeding from an injection site, and so I can imagine why you freaked out. I prayerfully hope that your doctor will have the right answers soon. God bless sis... you're in my prayers.

    and those pix are pretty, as usual :)

  20. yikes, that's really a bloody monday. i don't like hospitals at all!! by the way, how did you know that you got low platelets? was it from a test or are there symptons? just curious,. nevertheless, i think the pictures are wonderful, at least you made the day a bit nicer :)

  21. hope you're feeling better now, kayni.


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