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Cookies and Sweets

I'm still soaking and enjoying my three day weekend. It's been rather relaxing, as Mom and I went out for walks, watched the migrating geese at Whetstone Lake, and to top it all, I've been enjoying these bunch of Ferrero collection. I've always been a fan of the Rocher (gold), but this month, Ferrero introduced the Garden Coco (silver) and the Rondnoir (dark brown). Seldom do I eat dark chocolate, so I immediately dismissed the Rondnoir, but the Garden Coco tasted heavenly and milky. I love it! Has anyone tried them yet?

Last night, I also tried my hand on baking. I've been looking for cookie recipes, and since the holidays are eagerly approaching, I want to try some recipes before I'd volunteer bringing them to parties. I found a really simple recipe for sugar cookies. I made these cookies from scratch and I'm very proud of the outcome. The cookies were crisp, sweet, buttery, and perfect for afternoon tea or coffee. Mom has taken a liking to them. As a treat, feel free to grab a cookie or two. Enjoy!


  1. Very lovely treats you have there, care to share? ;-)

  2. Among the chocolate pasalubong my mother in law brought was a pack of dark chocolate Ferrero Rocher. I tasted it because it was the only chocolate left in the fridge and I needed my dessert fix. hehe It was bitter as expected but it was still Ferrero Rocher so I gobbled it all up. ;)

  3. Thanks for the cookies! And I was craving for something sweet to eat!

  4. hi kayni, the cookies look so yummy! :) what a great way to spend the weekend. do you know that another friend of mine just recently emailed me about how she LOVES baking. there really is something about baking that makes it sooo fun! :)

  5. Oh wow, I was savoring Ferrero last weekend and another Ferrero-like chocos. I am intending to make a comparison and blog about that next week. Hehehe, such a sweet tooth.

    I don't know how to bake cookies. I just want to eat them. Lol. Seriously, I'd love to spend more time in the kitchen. Cause it's so odd and shameful that I uberly love to eat but hardly cook. =)

  6. the cookies and chocolates really looked yummy.....i've been craving for anything that doesn't have a korean taste on it...kkkkk.

  7. I don't know anything about chocolates (other than macadamia nut chocolates and ghirardelli's), but I'll make a mental note that Ferrero Rocher are good chocolates. hehe

  8. throw me some of those homemade cookies you have there! they look crisp and crunchy! Agghghhh, but for my diabetes! .. huhuhu!!!! hehehe

  9. Haven't seen the ferrero rocher around here. Will have to scout and try the silver one. Am not too fond of dark chocolates as well. I like my chocolates to be milky :)

  10. Sheng, =) I ate all the chocolates over the weekend, and Mom ate all the cookies =(. Next time?

    Daphne, Yeah, I didn't like the dark chocolate too, but I ate them anyway.

    Layrayski, I hope you found something sweet to eat over there =).

    Angeli, I have to admit that I find baking quite relaxing. When I've finished with the preparation, I get so excited on the outcome, so I keep going back to the oven to keep checking. Best part, is eating the cookies or cake you made.

    Wits, I am looking forward to your comparison with this Ferrero-like chocos.

    Cheryle, Korean taste...I wonder what that

    Wil, Oh, I love Chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts. I have a few more boxes of those. This week, my dad's sending me a package =).

    G, Sis, maybe we can make cookies without the sugar or just make it with just sugar substitute.

    Josiet, I don't know why I could never get used to dark chocolate. I've always been the milk chocolate type also. I hope you'd find the silver ones. I thought they were really good.

  11. i love baking too, the problem is i don't like to eat what i baked. so who will eat what i baked? and how do i know if what i baked tastes good? such a dilemma...

    the cookies look yummy though. maybe you can put chocolate chips in it too?

  12. I love all kinds of chocolates. Dark, black, white, brown you name it. =)

  13. HI bloghopped from wits.
    Those cookies looks fantastic. I love baking too. Like you, I've been trying recipes because I intent to give them as gifts this coming Chritsmas.

    have a nice day!

  14. Hi got here from Wits.
    The cookies looks so good and they will make a good treat to friends this Christmas. ;)

  15. toni, great suggestion. i was thinking of making some chocolate chip cookies next time ;).

    layrayski, i really don't know why i can't get myself to like dark chocolate. you're so lucky you have a taste for all three.

    jeany, whenever there's a party here, i like bringing in the dessert. i think it's because i love preparing cookies, cakes, and even muffins.

  16. Cookies and chocolate! Heaven! I don't think I tried the new Ferrero Rocher chocolate. I don't think i had the chance to buy any. Kept getting my parents to send me bags of chocs from Switzerland. Mmmmm.


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