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Happy Thanksgiving

Today, I feel like I'm the only person in the office. It is so eerily quiet - the copying room is dead, the fax machine is asleep, and I could only hear my fingers typing on the keyboard. When I took the train this morning, it was uncomfortable to see seats empty. The usual line to the coffee shop was non-existent, as I walked straight to the cashier to pay for my favorite cup of Morning Blend. On the morning before Thanksgiving Eve, DC felt uncrowded, and as someone who deals with this city's hustle and bustle, I felt a sense of freedom and relief. There are times that this city could be so unkind and unfriendly. Countless times I've thought of moving out and finding a job somewhere, but something seems to keep drawing me to stay. It's probably because most of my college friends are working in the area, and that I've gotten comfortable to the culture here. Whatever it is, I have to admit that DC has its own charms.

As I type this blog entry, I'm still wearing …

Quick Thought on Thanksgiving

Today, I had lunch with my office mates at Elephant and Castle, a British pub/restaurant in the area. It was our early Thanksgiving lunch, as everyone seems to be going home to their respective states this afternoon. Like me, most of my coworkers are also transplants in the DC area, so when the holidays arrive, almost everyone seems to be planning their flight or train trip home. As for me, I'll be spending Thanksgiving here with my Mom. Mom was supposed to fly home to Hawaii two weeks ago, but she decided to spend Thanksgiving with me instead. Thank you, Mom.

Mom and I haven't decided how we'll celebrate Thanksgiving yet. As Filipino-Americans, we prefer chicken to turkey. Instead of stuffings and mashed potatoes, we cook pansit or macaroni salad. We Filipinize Thanksgiving. But Thanksgiving is not about the food; it is more than that. I've observed that as time goes by, people are forgetting the meaning of Thanksgiving. It isn't about how perfect the turkey is or…

Happy at 54

I went to my bimonthly check-up today, so I was three hours late showing up for work. As usual, the needles, the blood, and the checking of lymph nodes were routinely done. After about five minutes, my results came in. The platelets are up at 54. To someone who's been dealing with Thrombocytopenia and whose last platelet count was at 35, I was so happy they're currently at 54. I actually didn't know what caused them to go up, but for the past few weeks, I've been eating more fruits and vegetables. So, I'll definitely try to increase more my fruit and vegetable intake. My next goal is to get my platelet count at a normal level of 150.

My Christmas Tree

Here it is, my very own six feet, slim pine Christmas tree which I've been working on since Thursday of last week. I was so happy when I finally got the ornaments and lights together today. There's only 22 real ornaments hanging there and the rest are edible. There are mint candy canes and rounded, hollow milk chocolate ornaments. I decided to use more edible ornaments as it's easier to eat them instead of storing them after the holidays. I know, it's so silly of me. Anyway, I thought it was a cute idea to be able to pluck a chocolate ornament whenever I feel like it or nibble a candy cane after a meal. After all, it's the holiday season.The toys underneath - kissing puppies, gingerbread tin can and penguin - were presents from friends last year. As you can see, I have also started with my list and wrapped a couple of presents. I know that there are a lot of people struggling this year due to the global recession, but I am going to do my best to spread a little ch…

Presidential Inauguration 2009

Four million people are expected to attend President-Elect Obama's Inauguration next year. I can't fathom that many people roaming around DC, and the thought of such a huge crowd is suffocating to me. I've never been a crowd person. Actually, the last time I was caught in a crowd was during the La Notte Bianca (White Night) in Rome. You can read more about La Notte Bianca here. I almost fainted at that time, as the streets of Rome were so crowded you've had to physically push people to get through. Going back to 2009's Presidential Inauguration, all hotels are already fully booked for that week, and DC, MD, and VA residents are renting out their houses and apartments. Some houses are even renting at $5000 per night and some even more. As for me, I've decided to rent out my one-bedroom apartment, as I plan to be out-of-town that week. Either my place will be rented or not, I'll be out-of-town anyway, as I don't plan to battle my way through the crowds. I…


I really like this award. Thank you, Cheryle.

“This blog invests and believes, in ‘proximity’ [meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' - being close through proxy]. These blogs are all charming and they aim to show the marvels of friendship. Let’s give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to eight bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.”
The following blogs have bridged friendships amidst geographical distances. Although at times, I couldn't visit these blogs often, I am and will always be a fan. Congratulations!

I’m passing this blog award to:

* My Little Moments
* Little Miss Firefly
* Wits and Nuts
* Sari-Saring Kulay
* Kumareng Grace
* Anything Goes
* Miskina Ano Na Isip
* Muffled Solitude

A DC Moment

I looked at my monitor; it's barely 5 PM. I gazed through the misty glass windows, and it's still raining outside. It's been raining since I woke up this morning. My thoughts were telling me that rain is typical at this time of year. I walked towards the window and looked 11 floors down. Colorful umbrellas adorned the streets. People were rushing to get home as if they're being chased by raindrops. I planned on leaving in thirty minutes, when at the corner of 14th street I spotted a homeless man, sitting on a bench and eating chips under the rain. My heart sank and was filled with pity. I couldn't stop looking at him.

After a few minutes, I saw the homeless man dumped a bunch of chips on the pavement. I guess I was looking at the man too intently that I failed to notice a number of birds have started to convene around him. My heart sank even more as I was touched by this man's generosity. I was delighted to see that more birds flew in to get closer to him.…

Mr. Kia

Weekends are too short, too short to even get enough rest and relaxation. It's already Sunday afternoon, and I've been fighting this feeling of not wanting to go to work tomorrow. After last week's meeting, I felt drained and couldn't get myself to do anything. If there is such thing as a stress bug, I think I've been bitten not once but ten times.

In my years of working, I've always managed my work load efficiently, but it is dealing with difficult people that really puts a strain on me. Aside from preparing for my meeting's logistics, I had to deal with our firm's "know-it-all" (Kia). Kia drove me insane, as he tried to manipulate his way and overpower my decisions. My head felt like a kettle overflowing with boiling water. It was tough containing my anger but still managed to do so. I was fuming inside, but instead of blowing up and be accused of unprofessionalism, I told him to fulfill his part while I do mine. When it got harder to deal wi…


Hello All,

I've been very busy preparing for a meeting at work. I think this is the last meeting we're sponsoring for 2008, so hopefully, I'll be able to relax after this.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Stay safe and well. I'll be visiting your blogs soon.

Best wishes,

What Are You Thinking?

Dear Readers,

For this recent historical event, the US electing the first African-American President, I would like to know your reactions. I have two sets of questions for Filipinos in the Philippines and Filipinos living abroad. Please read the questions and feel free to leave me a long comment. Your answers are not limited to my questions, so if you think there are questions we should be addressing, do let me know. If you know of other people interested to answer these questions, please let them know of this discussion.
Questions for Filipinos in the Philippines: How did you view this election? Do you think the Obama administration will have an impact on Philippine-US relations? Do you think Philippine-US relations will improve under Obama leadership?Questions for Filipinos living outside the Philippines including the US: How did you view this election? Was the win for Obama a win for minorities specifically Filipinos in the US?
Comment away!

Politics Overdose

Working in DC during the elections is no walk in the park. Two weeks before the big day, radio and TV stations were constantly and irritatingly airing numerous political ads. People at work were debating, asserting and reasserting the parties they belong to. It is so SICKENING. At home, I've tried to avoid watching TV or reading any materials that ventilate politics; work is a different story. Thankfully, I found this channel that airs old TV shows like "Magnum P.I.," "The A-Team," and "Knight Rider," and they don't show political ads at all. These days, it's the only channel I watch. I think there is such thing as "politics overdose."

Uber Amazing Blog

Thank you mumsified for this "Amazing Blog" award.

Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who: ~ inspires you ~ makes you smile and laugh ~ or maybe gives amazing information ~ a great read ~ has an amazing design ~ and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

Now, I am passing this award to the following:
Artemis - for her amazing travel informationAngeli - her intelligent writings and thoughts
Cheryle - her inspiring and honest writings about life in KoreaJo - for her creative thoughts and ideas ( I was inspired by the 1001 Letters post)

Weekend Update

Our board meeting concluded last week, and I am so relieved (BIG sigh). I was so exhausted on Friday that when I got home, I slumped on my couch and dozed off. It was 8 PM when I awoke to the knocks of "trick or treaters." Mom told me there were a lot of knocks earlier, and that I should take over answering the door. What a mess! I even forgot to get ready for Halloween. Anyway, I still managed to greet and give the ghosts, goblins and witches some sweets. It was a delight to see the kids in costumes. Too bad I didn't get to scare any of them this year. Well, as they say, there's always next year. Mom and I took to cooking on the morning of Saturday. Mom made a simple sweet rice dish while I cooked my oil splattering lechon kawali.

After Halloween, people start preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it was a delight to visit the mall on Saturday and see Christmas decorations already up and glimmering. Stores are either having their after Halloween sale or pre-…