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Hello All,

I've been very busy preparing for a meeting at work. I think this is the last meeting we're sponsoring for 2008, so hopefully, I'll be able to relax after this.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Stay safe and well. I'll be visiting your blogs soon.

Best wishes,


  1. My sched is getting crazy as well. Just hang on there. You'll have a sweet break soon. Take care! =)

  2. that answers the why you are silent question... take care kayni!

  3. Take care kayni. Hope you'll have stories again for us soon. =)

  4. kayni, i believe you dropped by my blog some weeks ago. found a link to your site at keep on blogging and i will be dropping by more for some of your posts...

    blog of the SaGaDa-iGoRoT...

  5. Have a great weekend kayni! Don't forget to relax! :)


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