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Just an Update

Last week Friday, I was surprised to see that UP made the second page of Express. The Express is a publication of the Washington Post and is given to all DC Metro passengers. Anyone familiar? I think this one was taken at Diliman. I'm not so sure as it wasn't specified on the description.

Well, here are a few of my early Christmas presents. I just love Christmas =). Below is a set of marinade, chutney, and other butter/jam for breakfast, which came with a cute cheese board. I can't wait to use the marinade.

Recently, I've been receiving some mail love - "Love in the Moonlight" fridge magnet (S. Korea), pink dog cellphone charm (Singapore), and Jewels decoration set (Ireland). Thank you so much.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season. I'll be in Hawaii for the next two weeks, and I'll probably not update this blog for that duration. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A Little Visitor

This little guy has been visiting me since last week. He perches on the balcony railing and sits there until he decides to move on. I don't know what he particularly likes on my balcony - maybe the view or maybe my company. I don't feed him, as I know these smart creatures are self-sufficient. Besides, there are tons of nuts and trees in the neighborhood, as I live close to a protected forest park. I took this photo when I first saw him. I took it through the screen, as I thought he'd scurry away if I'd open the door.
Here's a closer photo of him. This week, I even managed to stand on the balcony without scaring him away. I think he's cute.

Finding Healing

The first thing I do when I go through intense emotional upheavals or get stuck in a challenging situation is go to a bookstore and spend hours at the self-help books section. I know that books have been written about different ways on "how to," so finding a book that specifically addresses my turmoil is an out breath - a relief. I'd sit, order a cup of coffee, and pour through the book as if my world depends on it. This is how I found Pema Chodron's writings. While reading her book, "When Things Fall Apart," I found solace, peace and understanding in her writings. One of the best lessons I learned is that - whether it's pain or happiness, such feelings or any feelings must be accepted and felt wholeheartedly.

Most of us are uncomfortable with pain, and we try so many things to avoid the ache or find things or activities to distract us from feeling the hurt. We turn on the TV, full blast the radio, and get busy socially. But according to the teachings o…

Sam and Blackie

The photo above is a page from my journal. Every evening on my way home from work, I've noticed this black dog peering through a glass window whenever I pass by one of the residential houses. He or she, since I don't know the dog's gender, is always at that window between 6:15 to 6:30 PM. I've decided to name him/her Blackie. About two months ago, I started waving and smiling at Blackie, and I'd see his/her nose pressed on the cold glass window making wet, nose imprints. Sometimes, Blackie would held up a paw on the glass just to show that he/she sees me. Seeing Blackie respond to my gestures puts a smile on my face and laughter in my heart. I don't know, but I just love dogs so much.

My love for dogs started when I was a kid. Our house was always filled with barks and chasing games with our dogs. At one time, we had seven resident dogs at once, and boy, it was rough. I still remember how rowdy they were at times, but they always brought me happiness, loyalty, …

Friday Update

This week has been really dragging and boring. I think my brain went on vacation earlier than my flight. I keep telling myself one more week. I've also been eating unhealthy - strawberry pop tarts for breakfast, chicken quesadilla hot pockets for lunch, and tonight, I might just boil some hotdogs and eat them with relish and ketchup. Talk about five days of TV dinners...yuck...but they taste fine. Does it mean I've lost my interest in cooking? Nah, I think I'm just adjusting to living on my own, and I've also been feeling rather lazy. I blame it on the cold weather. Although, I'm thinking of cooking something this weekend - something good but I don't know what it is yet. If my plan to cook fails, there's always Chinese take-out to depend on. This is the beauty of single life, I can do whatever I want. The consequences I'll face later.

Happy weekend everyone!

Alone Again...Naturally

Why is it that no matter how crowded and busy the airport is, it always feels empty right after you dropped a loved one at the departure gate. It doesn't matter how good you are or have had the practice of saying farewells too many times, goodbyes are just hard - sometimes too hard. I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but this is exactly how I feel right now. Mom flew back to Hawaii this morning, and I awfully miss her. As I sit and type this entry, I can't help but sing that song in my head..."Alone again, naturally."

Shaved Ice and Celestial Treat

Tonight, our area got a light dusting of snow. It looks like someone up there was making shaved ice.
Here's Mom enjoying her first snow. Hopefully, there'll be more snow throughout the night.
I've been meaning to post this photo I took on December 1st. I took several photos, but this one seems to be the most decent. This is supposedly the "rare conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter." Mom and I were in awe witnessing such a rare celestial treat.

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

This year, it's going to be "Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou" (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year). I've decided to spend Christmas and New Year at home in Hawaii. My vacation's been approved, and I found a reasonable ticket price to Honolulu. In two more weeks, I am off to the islands. With my numerous trips back and forth to Honolulu, this is the first time I have a stop over at Kona, Hawaii (also referred to as the Big Island). Although I've visited the Big Island three times in the past five years, I am so tempted to stay there for a day, then hop unto a flight to Honolulu the next day. I am also planning a two-day trip to Maui, but that depends if I do find a good package deal on it. I am so excited to see all of my ohana (family, friends etc.), go holoholo (leisurely travel) with old friends, eat at my favorite local restaurants - maybe dig in to a plate of Island Style Loco Moco (this is not recommended to the health conscious), but m…

Thanksgiving Dinner and Black Friday

My 2008 Thanksgiving went really great. I could not even believe it. Mom and I spent dinner with the P family. Mrs. P and my Mom attended the same high school together, so when Mrs. P's husband heard my Mom's in town, the family immediately invited us for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a wonderful and very relaxed party unlike the ones I've attended in the past. The company was great, there was so much food, and lots of stories to tell and listen to. Aside from the sumptuous dinner, I also met a couple of new acquaintances and friends. I was such a fool to dread the arrival of the holidays.

One of the days I've actually been looking forward to is the day after Thanksgiving - Black Friday. This is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and it also signals the beginning of the Christmas season. The big word for that day is SALE; some as low as 75%. Prior to Black Friday, I spent a lot of time online researching which stores were giving the best deals. On Friday at 5 A…