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Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day, and it's bad news. Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog, saw his shadow, which means this winter could last six more weeks. I'm hoping Phil didn't really see his shadow, and that he was just having a bad hang-over from the Steeler's win over the Cardinals last night. Honestly, I am tired of winter and ready for spring. I am so ready to spend my weekends on road trips again, see the Cherry Blossoms bloom, and most of all, be able to wear my flip flops and sandals.

Speaking of February, I am looking forward to DC's Restaurant Week. An open week (Feb. 16-22) to try out DC's finest restaurants at affordable prices- $20 for a three course-lunch and $35 for a three course-dinner. The $20 - $35 range is cheap compared to how much you'll pay at these places dining at regular price. Anyway, my friends and I have decided to try out the really expensive places. We have about three to five restaurants on the list, so we're all excited. Let's see if we could fit our schedules to eat at these places within a week. Last year, we were able to hit three, so five won't be too much.

Happy Monday!


  1. DC Resto week sounds very appealing to me. If I'm there, I'll surely be hitting at least five restos with you. =)

  2. Ohh, 6 more weeks is very cold for me... I hope you get through it just fine.

  3. witsandnust, i'm so excited to try our the restaurants. oh yes, it would be fun if we could go together too. i think it will be a blast =).

    sheng, i know. six weeks is a long time. mind you, but it's snowing again today. i think phil is right.

  4. 6 weeks of winter...oh my, I think I wont survive there...hahaha

    Have a great week Kayni :)

  5. jeanny, i know...six weeks more of winter feels like a drag. have a great week as well.

  6. it snowed here monday night, and i loved it. the next day, it was sleet, strong wind, melting ice, slush, slippery roads and wet snow. today, it's rain and super duper cold with the melting ice. it seems to get worse and worse everyday. i long for the sun too kayni!

  7. ms. firefly, I understand what you mean. This winter feels so long.


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