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Travel: Florence

I am grateful I was given the chance to study in Rome. It was an exceptional opportunity to learn about Italy's history, culture, language and people. But what made studying there fun was the out-of-town trips I took during the weekends. Florence is quite small but definitely alluring. The city is best discovered by walking, shopping (there's a huge open market while I was there), eating gelato, and of course, dining. Here are a few photos from my weekend trip to Firenze.

Piazza della Signora - other statues adorned the piazza

Piazza della Signora

Santa Maria Novella

The River Arno

Hiked all the way the top of Piazalle Michelangelo

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Facade of the Duomo

Florence Duomo or Cathedral


  1. beautiful kayni! you are lucky to have had the chance to see [and live] in such places! galing mo talaga! :)

    ang ganda nung Florence Duomo! :)

  2. aww! you are so lucky to visit such a nice place. congrats kayni.

  3. kg, it was a wonderful opportunity,and i am grateful i was given that chance.

    blue rose, thanks. i hope you're well.

    josiet, i agree.

  4. you really are lucky to have that chance to study in such a wonderful place and also near beautiful places like this..i would have had problems with learning because i would just have wanted to enjoy the beauty :D

  5. toni, i had the same problem when i was studying in rome. there was this constant interest to travel, but since i was in my senior year i had to force myself to

  6. Beautiful! I particularly liked Florence Duomo. Beautiful! My wife and I were watching this film that features parts of Barcelona, and we just wanted to visit it along with other parts of Europe. You're very lucky!

  7. Of all the places I visited in Italy I count Firenze as one of my absolute favorite cities. You're right it was small but very picturesque in every sense. Steeped with a deep sense of historical, architectural and artistic splendor.

    Thanks for taking me down memory lane through your lovely shots! :)

  8. Hi Kayni! :) So you're in Rome right now? Ahhhhh you're so lucky! Nice photos, BTW.

  9. just came back from watching angels and demons... Rome is full of nude sculptures! how interesting :-)

  10. the pics are so cool, i watched angels and demons the other week but i found it uninteresting, so far from what i read in the book, but then again, i wanted to see how the plot looked like in movies...

  11. ohhh lovely!
    you're so lucky to have beautiful memories and experiences like that!

  12. i am so happy i know someone who studied in Rome! that really makes me jealous. lol :)

  13. That must be a treasured experience. Not everyone are blessed with an opportunity to study in Italy, History in particular. The first two photos brought me to Angels and Demons mood again. =)

  14. Inggit ako-- =) beautiful photographs Kayni. You must have a great time when you were there. (When I'll eat a gelato I'll imagine I'm in Rome.)

  15. Grabe Kayni, almost all the places I've been dreaming to explore, napuntahan mo na. Lucky mo! :)

    Florence started to have a soft spot in my heart when I watched 'While You Were Sleeping'. :)


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