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When A Tree Poses

I have reiterated more than once how I love spring especially here in Maryland. Although I love the weather and beaches of Hawaii, nothing beats the colors that sprout in Maryland especially during this time of the year. The flowering trees here are just astounding, and they leave me breathless every time I see a tree in full bloom. After the celebrated cherry blossoms shed their petals, other trees steal the limelight.

A poem lovely as a tree...

Poems are made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree

A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her [flowery] arms to pray

A tree who's hungry mouth is pressed
Against sweet earth's flowing breast

Who doesn't remember Joyce Kilmer's poem, Trees? I remember reciting this in grade school, and I thought it was appropriate to accompany these photos. These were all taken last weekend. Mind you, but I sat and relaxed underneath that tree for hours.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. kainggit! the only place here in QC with that kind of ambiance is my university's campus. when i was still in college, i spend hours just sitting in the area; reading a book or listening to my walkman*.

    *in case some of your readers have no idea what a walkman is, it's my generation's iPod. :-)

  2. eks, this time of year, i love reading or just sitting underneath trees. you made me laugh about your walkman comment =). i still see some people use that around

  3. I'm so inggit! I don't know when will I ever experience spring. Of course, not in this part of the world. Lol. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. wits, i think you're already enjoying your weekend. i still have a weekly report to deal with...sigh.

  5. hi kayni! you really got nice pictures here. when the trees were in bloom here, i would just look up at the wonder and tell myself to bring my camera--i tell that everyday until all the leaves fell off... now i only have those beautiful memories of my first spring experience in my mind and heart. my friends anne and thessa went to seoul's spring festival and watching your pictures here made me realize i haven't posted pictures on my site yet..

    have a wonderful weekend...

  6. jehan, i'm camera crazy. i always bring my camera with me, but also, those trees are located in my apartment compound, so they're accessible.

  7. It's really pretty out there. I have seen photos of spring in the East, I'm a bit envious.


  8. Photo Cache, Thank you for the visit.

  9. Oh wow. I love Cherry Blossoms. It's actually one of my dreams to go to Japan to see Cherry Blossoms. Your photos are wonderful. Have a great weekend too! :-)

  10. the lines of that poem used to grace the trees lining Harrison Road, way back in grade school. it gave me a thrill as i read each line as i walked. :)

    happy weekend, kayni.

  11. The pics are beautiful! I love your trees, very spring-y!

  12. Great place to relax indeed. Lucky you! Looks like a good place to take a nap in between readings. :0

  13. dyosa, me too. i'd like to go to japan and see the blossoms there.

    angeli, happy weekend. i miss the old Baguio.

    sheng, thank you. i'll miss all these flowers when summer comes.

    rico, indeed a perfect place to rest.

  14. i love colors too, but if i were to have a choice, i'd pick hawaii over maryland. nothing beats having wonderful weather throughout the year. ah, would love to spend a week or two in hawaii right now.

    have a blessed weekend!

  15. sagada, i have to admit. hawaii will always be number one in my heart. enjoy your weekend.

  16. beautiful :D i know this poem too, i think i learned it when i was in 3rd grade.

  17. wow! what lovely blossoms! ang ganda ng colors! grabe! nature at tis best ano?

    happy weekend kayni!

  18. What's that tree? It's as beautiful as the cherry blossoms, I believe. To be honest, I would have dreamed of having a park somewhere in the vicinity where trees as beautiful as that are abundant.

    I really love to experience reading a book and simply just have a me time at the park.

    You're lucky you're in Maryland. :)

  19. toni, this is one poem i always remember.

    kg, yes, spring is in full blast here.

    lene, i'm not really sure about the name of the tree - it could be in the apple family "daw".

  20. heehee. i remember that poem! love your sakura shots kayni! ;-)

  21. cpsanti, it's a popular poem - i still remember it to this day.


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