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Travel: Paris

After exploring London, I took the train to Paris. This is one of the highlights of my vacation. Seeing Paris has always been a dream, and finally having the chance to fulfill it made me scream with excitement. The train from London to Paris took only two hours, so it was a sweet, short ride. I know that Paris has been featured many times, but here are my favorite photos anyway. I hope everyone enjoys them.

Paris View

The River Seine

Clean and green

A view of the city

Photos one through four were all taken atop the Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral (It was so funny because all I could think about was Quasimodo atop the bell tower.)

The Eiffel Tower through the roof of my River Seine boat cruise

Riding the tour bus through Champs Elysees

There it stood high, but finally conquered by the owner of this blog.


  1. oh, your pictures are so lovely again kayni! it makes me feel so dreamy!

  2. I don't get tired seeing Paris photos, especially the tower. Did you stay in the same area at night? It must be more beautiful with lights. The place looks so clean.

  3. beautiful pictures..Paris is indeed a beautiful city...although i think it is over rated, there are a lot of beautiful cities in Europe (even prettier) and the people are much friendlier to tourists than it is in Paris sad to say ..

  4.'s amazing. Thanks for sharing lovely Paris Kayni!

    NO wonder they are your favorite photos, maganda naman kasi talaga!!!

  5. ms firefly, thank you.

    wits, no, i only went for a day. i'd love to stay for a night or two next time.

    toni, i agree. there are other cities in Europe that are much charming than Paris.

    jeanny, thank you. it's really a great place to visit.

  6. I love your shots of Paris Kayni. They are very much inspiring. I know my hopes in traveling Europe is slim so seeing pictures like these is more than enough. Thanks for sharing them. :)

  7. hm, i didn't know that Paris is so flat.. looks beautiful though... i heard that the French are not very friendly though, you have to speak French even to the waiter for you to be noticed..

  8. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures of magnifique Paris =)
    It's good you were able to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and take those great shots. I've been to Paris several times in the long distant past and I never had the patience to line up just to get to the top. hehe I believe that waiting in line was a waste of time since there are so many other places to explore while in Paris. :)

  9. i love your shots kayni! when we went up the eiffel, it was night time, kaya naman all we saw were lights. its so nice to see some pics during the day time! ang ganda! i love the view of champ de mars!

  10. You're pictures are so beautiful. Wishing to visit Paris one day!

  11. Lene, Don't say that...anything is possible.

    Artemis, With my experience, they were very helpful even if I was speaking in English. When I got lost, I met a woman who patiently drew a map for me to follow. It probably depends on who you meet.

    Daphne, Climbing the tower was on my to-do I had to.

    Kg, I'd love to climb at night time too...baliktad

    Josiet, Yes, do visit when you have the chance.

  12. nice pix. my friend's family just visited the place. hope to see the beautiful place someday.

  13. I know it sounds cliche, but other than CT & NY, Paris is one of my favourite cities... Magnifique!
    Hugs, xx

  14. the city of lights, the city of love. one day i will fall in love with this city, too.

    have you seen the movie "paris je t'aime"? you'll love it, too since you've been there yourself. (netflix note!!!)

    thanks for adding me on your blogroll...will do the same. :)

  15. Lovely photos. Question is do you still have something left for your bucket list?

  16. oh wow i am so thrilled that you were able to cross out that dream paris dream of yours. i wish i could the same LOL maybe in time LOL

  17. Abella, Anything is possible.

    Lailaa, Oh yes, Paris is certainly one place I'd always love to go to.

    Fortuitous Fairy, Yes, I think I've rented that movie a long time ago. I did love it.

    Photo Cache, I still have a lot in my bucket a loving and caring husband not yet crossed

    Prinsesa Musang, Oh you never know, maybe the next time you'd be bound for Paris as

  18. aaawww. paris this time! i wanna go to there too kaya lang ang mahal pa haha :)

  19. Dyanie, Yes, punta ka when you have the chance.

  20. lovely photos kayni :) now im asking myself when will i step my foot on paris hehe :)

  21. Yeine, Anything is possible.

  22. love love the pics kayni! it made me want to visit paris all over again ;-)

  23. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Pangarap namin makarating dyan. Kung sa pics maganda na, I'm sure it'll be a hundred times more when we see it in person.


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