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Back From The Blue Mountains

Spa weekend was absolutely fantastic! I have never been pampered like that in my life. The drive from Maryland to Pennsylvania was about three hours, but the destination was definitely worth it. Our weekend was spent at Eagle Rock Spa situated in the Blue Mountains of Hazleton, PA. It was much colder up in the mountains, so it took us sometime adjusting to the fresh mountain air. We heard they had about four inches of snow the weekend before, so we were there at a perfect time - no snow. First on our itinerary was lunch so we headed straight to the restaurant and had light lunch (photo R). We thought it would not be wise to fill up since the whole afternoon is dedicated to spa massages and other treatments.

After lunch, we checked in at The Lodge and proceeded to The Spa after we got our things situated in our room. We were ecstatic to find a fireplace in our room. Just like little girls, we screamed, jumped and peeked through every door and cupboard.

Although at the spa, we tried to ac…

Stuff I Didn't Post (In Bullets)

For Halloween, I was at "Hershey's at the Dark". I did a wee bit of shopping and of course, ate sweets at Hershey's Chocolate World. For the first time, I ate a chocolate covered double chocolate cake with Hershey's signature hot cocoa. I was in heaven and was on a sugar high for a few hours =).
I was summoned for jury duty on the 2nd of this month. I made it all the way to the court room for a civil case but didn't make the final I enjoyed the experience, but I was a bit nervous about being chosen for a murder case.
I have started wrapping Christmas presents, and I am almost done with my shopping list. I'm not spending too much on presents this year but just simple gifts for family and friends.I saw "A Christmas Carol" in 3D and it was absolutely amazing. I want to see it again.My car just got the 30,000 mileage manufacturer's maintenance requirement. Big bill, but I am glad my car's still in great shape.

Meet Pinky

I wanted to write a much longer post, but I think that this photo and a little narrative would sufficiently explain my successful project. I have to say that the experience and the process was quite challenging and very stressful,  but in the end, absolutely rewarding. More than a year after I wrote my bucket list, I actually made part of number four into a reality. Until today, I still couldn't believe I'm finally the owner of a house I referred to as 'pinky.'
I met 'pinky' about three months ago, and it caught my eye because of it's workable size and the beautiful view from the living room, which I'll take a photo of at a later time. I referred to this house 'pinky' because there's a part of the house that's painted pink. Also, at that time, I was visiting so many houses and this house really stood out in my mind because of that striking pink color. From then on, I fought and stressed to make 'pinky' my home. So when I stated t…


Big project was a success, and I'll be posting a longer update soon. I got the decision on Tuesday afternoon and I was ecstatic. So ecstatic that I went inside my car, locked it, rolled up the windows and screamed to my delight. When I heard the news, the first people I called were my parents, who were anxiously waiting for my call. It was a day of answered prayers. I can't describe this wonderful feeling, but until now, I still can't believe I did it.

I'm ready for the holidays!

Finding Kayni

Find the couple

Find the hidden bird

Find Kayni =)

I haven't exactly been hiding; I've just been busy. As I have mentioned before, one of my big projects this year is concluding on November 10, so all of my energy and time has been dedicated to it. Today was sort of a breather but actually a day of waiting if all paper work for my project went through and are in good shape. To tell you the truth, waiting is harder because it's like relinquishing my power and putting the decision in the hands of others. Hopefully, I'll hear the decision tomorrow.

For now, I'll relax and wait. Happy weekend everyone!