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Back From The Blue Mountains

Spa weekend was absolutely fantastic! I have never been pampered like that in my life. The drive from Maryland to Pennsylvania was about three hours, but the destination was definitely worth it. Our weekend was spent at Eagle Rock Spa situated in the Blue Mountains of Hazleton, PA. It was much colder up in the mountains, so it took us sometime adjusting to the fresh mountain air. We heard they had about four inches of snow the weekend before, so we were there at a perfect time - no snow. First on our itinerary was lunch so we headed straight to the restaurant and had light lunch (photo R). We thought it would not be wise to fill up since the whole afternoon is dedicated to spa massages and other treatments.

After lunch, we checked in at The Lodge and proceeded to The Spa after we got our things situated in our room. We were ecstatic to find a fireplace in our room. Just like little girls, we screamed, jumped and peeked through every door and cupboard.

Although at the spa, we tried to act completely adult-like and mature-like but we still had childish grins all over our faces (at least, I know I did =)). Our spa package started with a one hour, relaxing and soothing hot stone massage. As the massage therapist started with the hot stones on my shoulders and back, I was in a daze and felt completely relaxed. The hot stone treatment melted the stress away. An hour of hot stone massage, and the thought of work and chores vanished for the time being. Below is  The Spa atop a hill hidden by the now leafless trees.

In between our treatments, we gathered in our white robes at the Meditation Room where we rested on soft, fluffy, giant-sized couches while relaxing music played on the background. Time was of no essence there, and for a day I thought time froze.

Next was our hot stone facial massage, and oh my gosh, this one felt amazing. I had no idea what the heck was going on as I drifted with every warm towel and every soft brush that touched my face. Inhaling the aromatic scent of mint was bliss as it opened my sinuses and cooled my lungs. Every out breath was of toxic stress never to come back again, and for every in breath was of peace and rejuvenation. Lastly, I settled for my hot stone pedicure. My feet were massaged and treated with a mint scrubbed. I never get pedicures, and when asked what nail color I wanted, I chose deep purple. It reminded me of ube.

After the whole afternoon of relaxing massage, we settled for heavy dinner. For starters, we had a bruschetta with basil and tomatoes. I ordered the grilled Salmon which I absolutely loved and devoured. For dessert, I settled for a champagne and chocolate cake (photos below).


What best way to end the day by chatting with R and drinking tea in our room. We chatted until we dozed off, while the crackling fire kept us warm the whole night.


  1. That seems a whole lot of pampering,

    //Just like little girls, we screamed, jumped and peeked through every door and cupboard.

    I can so picturise this LOL :)

    Brushetta is my fav food too :P

  2. that sounds like heaven kayni. i like the way you write it too. i felt like i was there with you with my sinuses unclogged haha right now i will settle on sniffing on vick's vaporub. :)

  3. that's a dream get-away; glad you were able to take that before all the chaos of holidays preps set in.

  4. wow.. ultimate weekend dream! :D You're so lucky you have the time.. :D

  5. what an awesome weekend. You really deserved those pampering :)

  6. wow.. i envy you.. but really glad you could relax like that.. sounds really wonderful. i haven't tried a hot stone massage yet but from your description it sounds amazing..

  7. wow! a whole lot of pampering. *inggit* hehehe

  8. wow, what a great weekend. i wouldn't mind having a spa weekend too =) glad you had a fantastic time!

  9. Kayni, hi! I know this is a little bit off post but I just wanna ask you about something. By any chance, do you have an email? :) Thanks!

  10. woohoo! lupet! ang saya naman niyan, kayni. the closest "relaxation regimen" i've had was a massage-scrub-milkbath combo. happy for you. :-)

  11. WOW.. these kinds of things make life even more worth living! :-) reminds me of what i and ex-ex used to do, specially the excitement, anticipation and peeking through every door and closets to see or find whatever surprises are out there.

  12. There is no better getaway than this one. It's gonna be hard to top it. The lodge, the mountain, the massage and the food are all so tempting. Reading this stirred something inside of me, and I'm itching to pack my bags right this very moment.


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