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Eminent Eight

I saw this meme at Kero's Celebration, and I thought it's a good way to put things in perspective for 2010. If you feel like doing it, feel free to snag. 

8 Movies I Recently Watched:
Diary of a Mad Black WomanInglourious BasterdsStar Wars: The Phantom MenaceClickEnvySchool of RockThe Good GirlFriends With Money
8 Places To Eat and Drink:
Ceiba (their ceviche is great)
DC Coast (great seafood)
Pho 75 (nothing beats their Pho)
Prime Rib (steak is the word)
Bonefish Grill (Bang Bang Shrimp rules!) Shilla's Bakery (great cakes) Ba Le (great banh mi)
Elephant and Castle ("fish and chips" rocks but order sweet potato chips instead)
8+ Things I Look Forward To:
Overcoming or managing better my aplastic anemia
Trip to Puerto Rico (February)The 2010 National Cherry Blossom's Festival (late March or early April)
Planning this year's long vacation and a possible trip to Las VegasStarting a flower and vegetable garden in springHouse renovation around spring and summer timeIncr…

Turning Thirty-Two

Today, I turn thirty-two and I intend to:

be at work for eight hourspick up a cake on my way homemake dinner or eat at a restaurant
watch cable or DVD - probably a comedy movie
indulge with that cake I just bought with teago to bed around 11:00ish PMnext day, repeat process but substitute cake with chocolate for non-birthday days
My birthdays are no fuss days except that I am thankful for the wonderful 32 years of adventure and I am looking forward for more.


Today, Metro commute was a madhouse again. Sounds familiar? Right around the same time last year, I had a similar hell-like commute (Read my entry here). Why I'm making a big fuss about this? It's because it seems to happen around my birthday. Coincidence? Perhaps and I'm just hoping it's just coincidence. I really don't want to spend my birthdays commuting for two hours and having to deal with sardine-packed shuttles or buses. In the center of it all, my heart goes to the two Metro track workers who got into an accident early morning today. (You can read their story here.) Really, DC Metro has to do better in ensuring the overall safety of their system, workers and riders. Last year, DC Metro was front news due to a big accident and lost of lives. Although I feel confident riding the Metro most of the time, sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'm really safe at all.


I have unpacked the boxes, vacuumed the carpet, and dusted most corners. Although it's been rather frigid in Maryland, my house is starting to warm up like a home. Moving from a one-bedroom apartment to a two-story house was at first intimidating. I only needed a few things to fill up my former limited one-bedroom apartment. Now, there's definitely room to fill and even grow.

So many things have changed since becoming a homeowner. I am budget conscious all the time, and my brain would go into this arduous debate before I purchase something or anything. I no longer stalk the malls and that shopping for myself has come to a halt. My shopping list has evolved and that all items are for the house and a necessity label on each item is a must. I have a growing list of things to do and things I need, but for the moment, the most important things are the "necessities" to run my house properly. So far, it is running smoothly.

At times, I still can't believe that I do own …

Yearning For Normalcy

On my way home last night, I stopped by the Filipino restaurant to eat a quick dinner. I was famished and thought I couldn't handle being hungry while driving home at the same time. Besides, I'm too lazy to cook at home. Since I moved to my house, I have a longer commute to work. It's a give and take situation. I live further now and my commute has increased, but I love having my own place and enjoying absolute privacy. For now, I am going through the adjustment phase.

My holidays were spent moving to the new place. I did manage to spend Christmas Day at my aunt's place and ate some good Filipino food. Although my cousins were all in merriment and presents were being unwrapped, all I wanted was to sleep at my aunt's lovely couch. I was at that point exhausted. Blame it on carrying boxes and driving back and forth a couple of days before Christmas Day.

Days before the New Year were spent unpacking and arranging furniture at my house. Of course, I had a few mishaps a…