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It's already mid-March and this month is slowly chipping away. My weekend was blessed with a lot of rain, so staying at home was the most practical thing to do. I spent most of my time watching movies, drinking tea, and doing laundry. Call it boring, but I did manage to relax and get my mind off from work for at least two days. All I could think of was how to start my vegetable and flower garden this spring. Just the thought of it makes me smile and excited. What can I say, I'm a farmer's daughter and I love to get dirt on my hands and tending to vegetables and flowers gives me a feeling of accomplishment and joy. I was thinking of tomatoes, green beans, peppers and perhaps a couple of herbs. When Sunday evening finally arrived, I winced at the thought of going back to the office this week.


  1. I've never tried planting vegies but I love roses. Though, some people say that what you grow in your own backyard tastes better that what is being sold in the market. Have a great week, Kayni! :)

  2. nice :) plant some berries too like raspberries and strawberries so good and easy to take care of ;) unless you have a lot of birds around who might feast on them ..

    herbs are good - i always plant coriander and thai basil... so yummy!plus of course the usual Mediterranean herbs..


  3. @ eden, have a great as well.

    @ toni, i might try raspberries and strawberries.

  4. what a contrast in your life ano? before, you tend to gardens and plants. now, you tend to computers! arghh! i'd take the gardens!

  5. now a homeowner i cant wait to see what you'll do with your yard. how big do you have?

  6. i love home-grown veggies, but i'm afraid i don't have a green thumb.

  7. I would love to join you in your gardening. I don't mind the dirt at all!

  8. @ kg, i'd take gardens anytime too.

    @ photo cache, the yard is not big, just a typical townhome backyard.

    @ wits, please join me :)

  9. My Ilocano relatives call my hands "napudot" or hot. It is because plants won't grow when I'm the one who plants them. I don't really know why. Probably I'm planting the plants wrong. When I was in high school, our teacher asked us to plant an aloe vera herb. He said it's one of the easiest plants to plant. We all did it, but after a week, mine died. :(

    My mom said too na kapag malusog daw mga plants mo, magiging magaling ka daw na nanay. Lahat daw ng anak mo malusog. I guess this one is true.

    Lots of love,


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