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Whenever I'm on the road, I like looking at other cars. The photos below were taken a couple of weekends ago, and I was shocked of what I saw.

How can the driver of this car drive or reverse safely if he can't see through the back window?
When we stopped near the car at a stop light, it was shocking to find out that even the front seat of the car is filled with trash as well.

I'm just hoping this person is on its way to the dump to lighten his load of trash.

Dreaming Of A Perfect Breakfast

Today, I had a rushed breakfast as work couldn't wait. In addition, I was really pissed because my coworker forgot to tell me we have a report due at 9 AM. I was caught off guard, and it was a good thing I got in at 8:40 AM. Now imagine how stressed I felt rushing to finish this document in twenty minutes. My fingers were typing hurriedly as I frantically chewed my bagel and gulped my coffee. (I couldn't postpone breakfast because my tummy was sorely hungry at that time.) Now I realize I ate so fast I couldn't even remember how my bagel tasted; it's a braided honey-pecan bagel - my new favorite. What a mess!

My whole morning was pretty much frantic and stressful, and as I stare at this breakfast I had in San Juan, PR a few months ago, it makes me wonder when will I ever have a good, sit down breakfast and just savor the crisp bacon, great-tasting eggs, and chew my toast properly while I sip and enjoy my coffee.

My report left my inbox at 9:01 AM.  Phew!

I am dreaming o…

Farmer Cat Redeems Self; Or Does She?

Last weekend, I woke up finding my furry farmer already busy at work.  I was impressed at the sight of Angel watching over my vegetable corner, so I grabbed my camera and took a couple of photos.  I think she's trying to redeem herself from that controversial tabloid posting, Farmer Cat Sleeping On The Job, a week ago. I have a feeling she was called for a disciplinary hearing at the Feline Regulatory Commission (FRC), and was told to get her act together for the sake of hardworking cats all over the world.  The news is, Puss-In-Boots is Chairman of the Commission

From a hardworking furry friend and a blogger who has an over active imagination, we are happy to report that all vegetables are growing beautifully.  Absolutely grateful for the rain that we've been getting, and I smile every time I see flowers sprouting from my tomatoes and peppers.  Flowers mean one thing - fruits are expected soon.

Looks like furry farmer is hard at work.
Is she really on-watch or busy …

Lights Of Old Las Vegas

Why I keep going back to Downtown Las Vegas or Old Las Vegas is because of the homey "feeling" I get whenever I visit there.  Maybe it's also because I know a lot of people from Hawaii stay in the hotels Downtown, or maybe it's because all my previous trips I managed to stay in one of those iconic Downtown hotels.  Nevertheless, I love how Downtown Las Vegas lits up every night and never fails to mesmerize me. Below are photos of known Downtown casinos and hotels.  Some of them you might recognize in movies you've seen in the past.

Enjoy the lights of Old Las Vegas!

I have stayed here once - Fitzgeralds.
Crowd builds up especially at night.
The famous cowboy of Downtown Las Vegas.
Glitter Gulch
Fremont Casino
Where World Series Poker was born.
The Fremont sign.
Mom and I stayed here about ten years ago.
California Hotel/Casino's Buddha - Rub my tummy for luck!

My Books Are Home

My house is still a work in progress and will always be.  With so many projects on the line, I don't know which one to tackle first. I think overwhelmed is the best word to describe how I feel these days; it's not easy owning a house when you're single.  My house is lacking with a lot of things - furniture, some light fixtures and more.  I think it will take time before I get to that level of complacency with regards to how I feel about my house.  For me, the most important thing right now, is that I feel absolutely at home.

Recently, I bought this bookcase.  I was getting tired of seeing my books scattered everywhere and thought it's about time my futon could use some new company in the living room.  Special thanks to Bear for helping me build this bookcase. I found something for my house with Target promo codes and thought it had that special touch.

I like the black color.
Finally, my books are home.

Therapy - Prescribed By Dr. Kayni

Whenever I'm sick (and even homesick), I'd find myself craving for Filipino food (always).  Most of the time, I'd end up making any form of sinigang (usually pork or shrimp).  After carefully preparing the dish, I'd prepare a bowl and eat with a big spoon (for better soup scooping), and with the utmost anticipation, blow cold on every spoonful of that sour soup, and savor every sip that takes me back to memories of my childhood days - such is the power of food.  My other form of get-well therapy is raiding the nearest Filipino or International store and shop for familiar Filipino/Asian snacks that reminds me of home; that's exactly what happened to me this week.

The damage? (drum roll please...)
A box of Choco Pie, bag of Salt & Vinegar Cracklings, three Tamarind mixes, two Pinapaitan mixes (I don't know how this will taste as it's my first time buying them.), a bottle of Banana Catsup, two bags of Canton noodles, two Lucky Me Lomi/Batchoy noodles, and a …

Cats Of Puerto Rico

I took these photos during my trip to Puerto Rico earlier this year.  I was enchanted how these readily curious alley cats came out-of-nowhere to play.  We were exhausted from walking, so we took a breather, obliged  and gave them our attention.  I grew up with dogs and there was even a time that we had seven dogs all at once.  Whenever I came home from school, all seven would be running to meet me, jumping, leaving paw prints all over my white blouse, and playfully knocking me down to the ground.  My sister would be so mad because she needed to soak my paw print covered white blouses with Clorox overnight.  I didn't mind the paw prints at all and being the youngest, laundry wasn't part of my duties back then. (I did the dishes (sometimes) and helped my sister wax the floor.)

My dogs were my best buddies.  Whenever I didn't feel well and needed that time to be by myself, my dogs would never let me be (in a good way).  They were there licking my hand, do a paw wave coaxing …

Pennsylvania Crime

Written by Caley Wanana

As a citizen of the state of Pennsylvania, it has been my experience that crime is not one of the larger concerns of people in this state. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state filled with many opportunities. Beautiful regions divide the areas, and we have mountain ranges that diversify the climate. Whether you live in the rural, suburban, or urban areas of Pennsylvania, you will find that crime is not one of the highlights of the state. Obviously, people take precautions to prevent crime, but statistics in the state are below the national average. Naturally, most people want to feel safe, so they may take these precautions, not out of necessity, but out of concern. For example, I always lock my doors during the day and at night. Recently, I bought a very large watch dog that stays in the house. Windows are checked before bed, and before I leave my house. I have also gone to the extreme of having ADT in Pennsylvania install a home alarm system. Again, it was not in…

Strawberry Sweetness

This recent weekend, PW and I went to a nearby farm to pick some strawberries.  The weekend came with perfect weather, lots of fun, and abundance of strawberries.

The strawberry rows with other strawberry pickers.
Showing off my favorite picks.
The experience was priceless.
I enjoyed peeking through rows and rows of strawberries.
It was a delight to see a bunch of ripe strawberries just waiting to be picked.
Green or red?
We made sure we picked only the ripe ones.
The lone red.
Some of them went straight to my mouth.
They glow underneath the sun.
These ones ended in my basket.
Nothing really beats the sweetness of fresh strawberries.  This experience surely reminded me of my strawberry picking days in Benguet.
A strawberry Monday to everyone!

Farmer Cat Sleeping On The Job

Last weekend, this was the early morning sight that greeted me from my bedroom window (photo below). It was unnerving to see a black animal lying lifeless (that's how it looked like from afar) on my corner vegetable patch. I immediately ran to the living room to get a clearer/closer view. I recognized that, that's actually my neighbor's cat, Angel, but I wasn't sure if she's breathing or not. I thought she fell from the fence and injured herself. I zoomed the camera lens to see if she's breathing, and yes, she was. Phew!

I'm amazed how she carefully positioned herself that she didn't sleep on any of my plants. I guess she's a farmer at heart.
The plant on her rear is a butternut squash, on her front is a cucumber. Later that day, I checked on my plants and found out that one of the strawberries was eaten. Mystery? I suspect a rabbit or a squirrel sneaked in and munched on the strawberry while Angel was fast asleep. Or, did she, Angel, ate the Strawb…

New Bedding, I Had to Have It

This is a guest post by my friend Wendy Udelson.

Occasionally while browsing online, something catches my eye and I end up thinking that I have to have it. Actually, it happens more than I would like to admit! Last week while looking at a friend's profile on a social networking site, I saw an ad for a local bedding store. I browsed around for a while but couldn't find a website for the store. It was well past midnight and I had it set in my mind that I needed new bedding. Instead of waiting to shop at the local store, I decided to make a purchase online. I really prefer shopping online anyway, especially with our fast and reliable wild bluesatellite internet service. I like being able to put items into my cart and compare them from the comfort of my own home.

I ended up browsing several website, but found myself at one of my favorites – JCPenney. I like shopping there because they always have great sales or outlet items. I found a good deal on a Cindy Crawford comforter set in…

Las Vegas: Fremont Experience

"The most obvious and largest part of the Fremont Street Experience is the Viva Vision canopy and light show. The canopy towers 90 feet above the ground and spans the length of five football fields. Featuring more than 12 million LED modules and 555,000-watt sound system, the light show attracts tourists and locals alike. The first light show was broadcast in 1995. Nearly a decade later in 2004, $17 million was invested in upgrading the Viva Vision canopy. Significant improvements were made and now it has 10 times higher resolution, resulting in clearer, sharper pictures. It can also display 16.7 million color combinations.  The display is so sharp, live video can be broadcast on what is the world's largest screen." (Source:…

Las Vegas Postcard

At night, Paris Hotel (Las Vegas) reminded me of the real Paris.  It was as if I was transported from the desert to Paris.  On our last night in Vegas, we made it all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower replica (460 feet), and the view was absolutely beautiful.  Watching the dancing fountains of the Bellagio from up there was quite an experience. There's also a restaurant on the Eiffel Tower's 11th floor if you'd like to dine with a view. Entrance to the Tower will cost you $10/adult and $7/children (daytime) and $15/adult (evening) and also available is a $22 express pass.  I suggest going up at night because the lights of Las Vegas await.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel/Casino

Las Vegas: For The Chocoholic

I confess! I am a sweet tooth, a chocoholic. Apart from frequenting Chocolate World at Hersheys, I also made sure I visited all the sweet places in Las Vegas.

M&M WORLD You can't miss this yellow and red at the Strip
So much more than candy
The Phantom of the M&M World is here
Pick your facial expression
Cute mugs
What a colorful world
Pick your favorite and fill that bag with M&Ms

In my past visit to Vegas, I wasn't aware of Sugar Factory, and I'm not really sure when they opened a shop there. I was excited to visit their store and had my fill of marshmallow bears covered with milk chocolate (There goes my waistline).

Here's a quote from their site: The Couture Lollipop combines a striking design and contemporary fashion in a deliciously sweet confection that is wonderfully portable and ever-changing. Sugar Factory has created bejeweled and custom handles you can pair with a rainbow of lollipop flavors to create your own custom sweet sensation. Mat…