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Moving to a New City – Washington, DC

Guest blog post from Ryan Macgreg

As a political junkie, it didn’t surprise any of my family members or friends when I started to look for jobs in Washington, DC. Sure, everybody warned me that there were some rough neighborhoods, but that wasn’t enough to deter me. I knew that if I got my foot in the door with the right office and focused on finding the best apartment I could that I would be alright.

The job offer came surprisingly quickly and I moved without a lot of notice – I had about three weeks to get everything in order. With a mobile phone as my only line, there was no need to talk to a phone company. Even though a lot of the apartment and condo complexes had desk staff and security, I found a place in Northwest that came without the frills – a converted basement in a family home.

The only down side was that the family insisted on two things. I had to have renter’s insurance and I had to sign up for adt home security because they didn’t want to be responsible for my place – and didn’t want my alarm connected to theirs. Having access to the Metro is awesome. So is knowing that I’m right at the center of government.


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