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Postcards From Brussels

A couple of nights ago, I was organizing my home office and found an old photo disc in one of the boxes. Glad to say that I found a disc full of travel memories.

Album: Brussels, Belgium (2004)

Photos of buildings taken at The Grand-Place or Grote Mrkt (Dutch)

Left to Right: Rin Tin Tin drawings on the wall, some church building from one of my walks, and another building at the Grote Mrkt

I love the architecture of Brussels.

I had no intention to visit Brussels at that time (I was a poor student.), but my roommate in Rome insisted that I accompany her to Brussels and that she's paying for the trip. Well, who would refuse a free trip? I found out at a later time that my roommate was scared to travel on her own and that she's got some issues about flying. Anyway, the trip was worth it and that I really enjoyed walking around Brussels. It's a small, clean city, and most of all, I really enjoyed eating Belgian waffles and chocolates.


  1. Beautiful! A free trip is hard to resist. :)

  2. thanks for sharing these images. if i have time i would like to take a peek at all those cds/dvds containing 100s of images.

  3. beautiful, kayni! thank you for letting us see the world through your travel pictures...

  4. I've never been to Brussels. Thanks for your great photos; now I see how beautiful Brussels is.

  5. HI, this is a very pretty place ... hope I can step foot in here one of these days...

  6. wow, what a lovely opportunity! that was one great roomate.. brussels is really a beautiful place, i think like Germany, it is underated by many people and is forgotten in the normal route of a great european trip

  7. wow! you got a free trip to belgium? that's fantastic!

    you're right! they have this elegant look to their buildings. very lovely to look at.

  8. belgian waffles and chocolates? wow! you know i really am so envious of people who has seen the world already. i am so behind schedule!

  9. ang ganda ganda kayni! grand place was awesome! :)


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