Summer Of Vegetables

I can't remember if this is the third or fourth harvest. My backyard tomatoes are so generous, and I'm hoping that I'll keep harvesting until the end of summer. Most of these tomatoes were given away to neighbors and coworkers, and I am happy I could share them.

 In the truest sense of sharing, I gave a bag of tomatoes to my neighbor, and she in turn gave me a couple of potatoes, zuchinis, and onions. Apparently, my neighbor's family has a big vegetable farm in the area.

It's a summer of vegetables.


  1. Beautiful! I wish we were neighbors! :0)

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. oohhh! nice harvest kayni. and to think they came from your backyard! try ko din kaya magplant ng tomato? :)

  3. Those tomatoes are beautiful! I wish I had a vegetable garden of my own :)

  4. whoah.. those are nice looking tomatoes.. I love tomatoes.. I could eat it the whole day. you know what, it helped me lose weight so I always include it in my meals.. take care!

  5. You have a very nice surround. I wish we are neighbors. :)

  6. Grabe ang dami nyan Kayni, looks so juicy! Sarap ng feeling na nakakapag-share lalo na if it came from your hardwork. :)

  7. wow! those tomatoes surely look delicious.. but i just don't know why i avoided tomatoes during my first trimester.. i find their tomatoes here too sour (?) i think? although my mom would always say she ate a lot of it when she was carrying me, especially during her first trimester.. weird...
    but at 18 weeks now, i'm getting back my appetite.. not so sensitive with smell anymore so i'm able to eat more..


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