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A Room With A Breathtaking View

This is where we stayed in Niagara Falls. It was tough to make a choice which hotel has the best view of the waterfalls, so after countless research, checking and rechecking reviews, we chose the Sheraton Fallsview, and I think we made the right decision.

Taken early in the morning
The beds were nice and soft
But it was the window that mattered most
Priceless view
Another view from our hotel
Although the glass window is a bit smudged, it was a wonderful feeling to wake up to the steaming Niagara Falls in the morning.


  1. i bet you can hear the roar of the rushing waterfall. omg, great views indeed and a wise choice.

  2. amazing! ang ganda ng view! i would love to stay there!

  3. There's nothing more special than waking up each day to that view!

  4. priceless indeed! i'd love to wake up in that view

  5. a wise choice indeed. sulit na sulit sa ganda ng view. uhmm...i think i would love to stay there.

  6. priceless, indeed. i'd kill for this view. peksman.

  7. Wow what an amazing sight to wake up to every morning! =)

  8. wow! i'd love to stay there someday :)

  9. beautiful view indeed! you made the right choice ;)


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