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Santorini: Cable Or Mule Ride

Alas, the moment arrived. It was time to bid Santorini adieu.

I thought that I can finally cross out Santorini on my travel list, but at that same moment, I realized that I have to put it back on my "must return to visit" list. Santorini is more beautiful than I have imagined. The photos I took couldn't justify the beauty I've seen. In my opinion, Santorini must be experienced in all five human senses. If there's a sixth sense, by all means use it too.
A beauty I'll always remember. The fastest way to descend from Fira to the harbor is through cable. We opted for the cable. Getting tickets for the cable ride. The cable ride is comfy and fast. Unless, you're more fit to take the mule path. Here's the pathway from Fira to the old harbor (vice versa). I've seen people hike the whole thing and if you prefer, you can ride a mule through that steep, long and winding path.
 Here's a better photo of the mule path. (Source) I heard comments that the path is sm…

I Remember Pearl Harbor

It is through conversations with my dad that I learned about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, how the Pacific plunged into World War II, how the battle at Midway was fought, how the Filipino guerrilla movement persevered under immense pressure and more. You see, my dad was a history teacher in the Philippines, and I feel so lucky that even before I started first grade, he was telling me stories of how grandma and grandpa survived the Japanese occupation in the Philippines, how grandpa fought in Okinawa and was presumed dead until he came home three years after.

My family, my grandparents specifically, survived World War II and lived through history. I have two grandfathers, on my father's side, who fought under the Philippine guerrilla movement while my alapo (grandpa), on my mother's side, helped the escape of two American POWs imprisoned by the Japanese during the war. Now why am I talking about World War II? Because today, I'm featuring Pearl Harbor.

As the Japanese campaig…

A Dark New Love

I know I ranted on my previous post, and I thank you for reading. It's Friday and I'm starting to feel myself again. I also found a new love.

I've always been a milk chocolate person, but with this new Dove raspberry and dark chocolate swirl, I won't hesitate to indulge with this dark new love from time to time.

Raspberry swirls are oh-so-lovely and delish.
What's your new love these days? A wonderful weekend to all.

What Are You Mad At?

Warning: This is a rant.

This is in no relation to the ongoing March Madness (US college basketball), but I thought it's a good idea to list a few things that are making me "mad"  these days.
Gas prices - are going up uncontrollably and this is making my work commute expensive. I'm concerned that by tomorrow, gas will be at $5 per gallon (very possible). Hawaii is already at $4 per gallon.Telemarketers - who keep calling and doesn't understand the meaning of NO and I AM NOT INTERESTED. I have these telemarketers who sell minutes for Philippine calls and no matter how many times I've told them politely that I am not interested, they still pester me every night. Now, I just drop their calls.Rude drivers at I-270 - who bully, tailgate, honk their horn at drivers who stay within the speed limit. Pocket that rudeness, respect other drivers and let's share the road.Nonsense reality TV shows - need I say more? Please note that I said "nonsense.&…

LP: Itim (Black)

Kuha ang mga larawang ito sa Templo ng Byodo-in sa Kaneohe, Hawaii. Ang mga itim na gansa ay napakagandang pagmasdan lalo na at sila'y kaaya-aya kung kumilos o gumalaw.

These photos were taken at the Byodo-in Temple at Kaneohe, Hawaii. These beautiful black swans were so relaxing to watch especially that they always seem to move with quietness and grace.

Wicked In D.C.

The musical Wicked is coming to D.C.! I have been waiting for the tickets to go on sale. Last week, Kennedy Center's website was slowed down due to the volume of people purchasing tickets and trying to get good seats. It took me four tries before I got into the website and about two times I lost the seats I wanted. Finally on Tuesday afternoon, I got two front row, tier 2 tickets for a July showing. I know it's three months away, but now I can relax knowing that I have seats reserved.

Here's an info about Wicked, taken from The Kennedy Center website:

Music and lyrics by Stephen SchwartzBook by Winnie HolzmanDirected by Joe Mantello

Back by "Popular" demand. Entertainment Weekly calls Wicked " the best musical of the decade," and when it last played Washington, D.C. in 2005, it broke box office records and sold out in record time. Winner of 35 major awards, including a Grammy and three Tony Awards, Wicked is Broadway's biggest blockbuster,…

St. Patty's Day!

Recent weekend, I took these photos at the Washingtonian Center as the mall celebrated St. Patty's Day a few days early. I think that's because St. Patty's Day falls on a work day.
Kepi and I sat at a nearby bench and enjoyed listening to the Irish music of the Kelly Family. Their music is really good and they play extremely well. I was really impressed with that girl playing the Banjo. I thought these clowns were the cutest. They were busy greeting and making everyone smile.
Most of my coworkers are wearing green today. I feel odd because I'm the only one dressed in brown and khaki. People kept asking why I wasn't wearing green; it's a shame I forgot (honest). I have so many things in my mind especially that I just had another adventure at the Hematology department. But here's a very green, St. Patty's Day post in the hopes of redeeming myself from forgetting St. Patrick's Day.
Wishing everyone a safe and happy St. Patty's Day!

Non-Traditional Job

Guest post from: Kent Lara

My line of work is pretty non-traditional – I buy and sell websites. Basically, I do a lot of keyword research every day to find out where all the web traffic is going, then I purchase domain names that fit these keywords. When a business owner or company decides they want one of my domain names they have to come to me rather than a registrar. We are usually able to work out a deal that gets me far more than what I paid for the site since its value has increased: now someone wants it.

One of the most important tools at my disposal is private registration, as I don’t want any Joe on the street knowing which domain na! mes I own. Keeping my assets private allows me far greater leverage to cut a deal and it leaves me in a position of power. I know which domains are in my portfolio that a buyer finds valuable, so I’m often able to offer package “deals.” It’s a win/win situation, really. I make a living and big business gets the domain it’s looking for!

LP: Kulay Rosas (Pink)

Ito ang kulay rosas na Dogwood. Napakarami ang bulaklak na ito tuwing tagsibol.
This is the pink Dogwood. They bloom everywhere especially during spring.

I Love Hanauma!

As our car drove through Sandy Beach, I knew we were close to Hanauma Bay. I've been to Hanauma Bay several times before but when you only come home to the islands once a year or sometimes once in two years, you sometimes have to think harder in order to remember the roads and turns to certain destinations; that's me. Since I moved to the mainland, my heart longs and aches for Hawaii every single day, but every time I come home and step on the islands, the spirit of aloha makes me forget that I've been away for so long. The longing slowly dissipates as my heart swells of great warmth and happiness - an absolute love for the islands and the island life. This is how Hanauma Bay makes me feel every single time I visit, every time I dip my toes into its salty waters, every time I gaze from the hill top and marvel at its blue waters with the gentle Hawaiian breeze whispering to my ears, "Hanauma Bay's beauty is almost heavenly."

I remember the first time I sw…

Cat Kettle

I was browsing at Pier 1 Imports and this kettle caught my eye. I would have bought it but I already own two tea kettles, so I took home a photo instead. I just wanted to share some smile and cuteness this Monday.
Happy Monday!

Spicy Soup For The Soul

When it's rainy outside and I just had a rough day at work, I tend to look for comfort in the form of food. I know it sounds bad, but for me, nothing is as assuring and relaxing as having that sit down dinner at my favorite Korean soup stand. While I wait for my order, I let go of the mishaps of my day and just be in that moment - a small Korean soup stand located in the middle of a bustling Asian supermarket.

I listen to the chatter of shoppers passing by, the clanging pots in the small kitchen soup stand, customer slurping his noodles from a nearby table, clicking of chopsticks, cash register ringing another order, baby crying somewhere, squeaky grocery cart wheels, occasional arghgh or loud out breath of a customer who can't handle the spiciness of the soup or the kimchee, couple speaking Korean, couple speaking Spanish, thud of the butcher's knife, Korean pop music playing (I think it's the Girls' Generation.)...

I'm ready to eat. I am hungry. I am in the m…

I Need A "Meiji" Break!

This week is turning out to be stressful challenging:
Traffic was horrible this morning. I-270 was packed and slow.Metro was running so slow; I don't know why. It's been raining since I woke up and the weatherman said it will rain until tonight.My monthly freakin' visitor is so unfriendly. She's not welcome anymore!I have a big meeting next week, and I'm doing majority of the preparation.I am not looking forward to dealing with my KSP coworker. Drama alert all over this one. So pardon me while I savor a bar of milk chocolate before I eat my lunch. This is why I love being a grown-up, I can eat dessert before a meal. If this week is trying for you as well, take a load off and join me for a sweet break. I'd be glad to have some company.

LP: Kayumanggi (Brown)

Ito ay mga Malasadas or Portuguese Donuts na luto ng Leonard's Hawaii. Niluluto lang ang mga ito kapag may nag-order kaya't kung minsan, pinapanood namin ang mga ito habang minamasa, pinoporma at priniprito hanggang sa maging kayumanggi ang kulay. Masarap itong kainin habang mainit pa kasabay ng kape o tsaa.
These are called Malasadas or Portuguese Donuts from Leanord's of Hawaii. They're only cooked when a customer orders them. Sometimes, we watch how they're prepared, formed and fried to delicious golden browns.They're best eaten fresh and warm with a cup of coffee or tea.

Leonard's Bakery is only found in the islands of O'ahu and Hawaii and in Yokohama, Japan. If you want to read more about Malasadas click here - Leonard's Bakery.

Ultimate Wants This Spring and Summer

I've been thinking what I'd want this coming spring and summer. This list helps get my thoughts straight as the season changes. Here are my ultimate wants for spring and summer in no particular order.

* I love the smell and sight of flowers blooming in my bedroom and in my living room. I'd love to see flowers bloom at my garden. Flowers have the ability to make me smile and feel feminine. I still haven't decided what flowers I'd plant on my garden, but I'd like to see some pinks, purples and yellows.
Globe Thistle in full bloom at Williamsburg, VA.
* Last year, my tomatoes were a success. This year, I'd like to add more variety to my vegetable garden. I'm thinking sweet peas, green beans, lettuce, basil, mint and of course, tomatoes. If only I could plant malunggay or ampalaya here.
Last year's tomato harvest.
* I'm so lucky my house is at the border of two states, so I'd like to explore more of both …


In life, we each take, follow or lead different pathways. Sometimes, it is our choices, our experiences, our heartaches and our longings that pave way to finding our true route in life.  May we all follow our own true path and enjoy the journey as well.
that seem unending. that lead to the sea. that show a glimpse of the destination. to a lovely home. that seem to end. to togetherness. going down. to the top. to an overview of the beautiful town of Fira.
Note: If you look to the right, lower corner of the last photo, you'll see the winding, traditional route going down to the old port of Fira. You can hike, take the cable or ride a mule to take that steep pathway. If you decide to hike that route, just be careful with mule droppings.