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The Little Mermaid Of Copenhagen

After the Gefion Fountain, we took the bus to see the Little Mermaid. What I had in my mind was the Ariel in Disney movies - you know, red flowing hair, fair skinned and beautiful voice.  Well, the sculpture is very simple but very iconic.

 The Little Mermaid symbolizes the fairy tale by Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen, the story of a young mermaid who fell in love with a prince who lived on land, and often came up to the edge of the water to look for her love. (Source)

The story of The Little Mermaid is not a very happy one - she visits a witch and agrees to give the witch her tongue, in exchange for legs to replace her fish tail, so she can live on land with her love, the prince she's seen from her visits to the shore. And every step she takes on her new legs hurt like she is walking on swords. To be with her love she chooses to become a mute and to be in pain with every step she takes. Yet despite all her dreams and sacrifices she never gets to be with him. (Source)


  1. Well hello there little mermaid, unfortunately I never paid you a visit. So sad pala your love story. Btw I know you are a mermaid but I think a good push up bra will do wonders to your ehem physique. LOL It is just a suggestion! :D

  2. the little mermaid! you are so lucky to see her :)

  3. That's too sad, after giving up of something important to her she gains nothing... I love the picture and the story behind. :)

  4. I've seen this statue before. I never realized how sad the story behind it.

  5. parang hindi sya "little". hehe!

    i'm familiar with the story of little mermaid from the disney film...but hat one had a happy ending of course.

  6. I thought Ariel and her Prince had a happy ending. Iba pala ang stroy niya pagdating sa mga kids ano, hehe.


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