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As Summer Approaches

How ironic that spring with all its color and splendor brought me sadness and gloom.

Losing my cousin and brother is extremely painful.  There is no superlative to describe or even express how painful it is to lose a love one.  I lack and am completely unequipped to describe this pain in words.

I've always known that life is too short, but the death of my cousin at 33 proved this statement truer in every sense.  We really should try to be more patient, understanding and loving to the people around us.  Most of all, to make sure that we tell them how much we love them every chance we can.  As my uncle have stated during my cousin's interment, "life is bigger than death" and that we should all keep moving forward and live.

Here, it's late spring and summer is just around the corner.  So many things happened since I took a hiatus from blogging:
I got all As for my Spring semester classes.  I struggled to finish my final papers because of my cousin's death, but I…

To Bannon

On May 4th, I lost my dear cousin, friend and brother, Bannon, to a motorcycle collision.  Bannon and I were childhood friends and playmates.  We even went to school together, ate lunches together, went to church together and even joined singing contests as a duet.  Although my family moved to the US and we're physically apart for years, our friendship and closeness never dissipated.  When I went home a few years ago, we immediately picked up where we left off and just like old times, talked, laughed and cried. Truly, true friendship cannot accommodate distance and space.

I will truly miss you. Growing up with you was one of the best gifts you've given me. Thank you for everything, and I will love you always. Be at peace and I know you are at HOME now. I'll just have to learn to let you go at some point. Until we meet again and trust that I carry you in my heart.

 This is how I'll remember you - a brother with a great smile and a big heart.