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Kayni's 2012 Christmas Exchange Gift Party

It's here! It's here! Kayni's 2012 Christmas Exchange Gift Party :)

Christmas Wish List Guide Something you use everyday:Something soft:Something sweet:Something you need for work: Favorite colors:Favorite flavors: Something you collect:Something you want: Share you most important wish this year: Please note that this list is just a guideline. It's Christmas and whatever you put into that box will surely make me happy as long as it's packed with cheer and kindness.

If you'd like to exchange gifts with me, leave a comment on this entry, post your Christmas Wish List by November 15 and leave me a link of your blog post.

I'd like to finish shopping early, as I'll be on vacation on the first two weeks of December.

A Mid-October Update

It's mid-October and the holiday season is upon us. I am excited.

My apologies for my absence in the blogging world, as school has taken precedence in my life.  After this semester, I have one more semester then I have to write my thesis. I keep thinking a lot of you are living far more exciting lives than I am these days. I feel that while I'm stuck rotting with my textbooks, everyone seems to be doing something more fun. I miss having my free time or just traveling to some place on a whim. I miss the familiarity as well as spontaneity of travel.

I do have travel plans, but they won't take place until December. Also, it depends if my Hematologist would approve it; I remain optimistic. My platelets are in the high 20s the past three blood works, so if my count goes up, I'd be hopping on a plane to Spain. This is my second time to visit Spain, and although our port of entry is Barcelona, we will be spending most of our trip exploring Andalusia. Our itinerary is still i…

The Cliffs of Krysuvikurberg - Iceland

The Krysuvikurberg area is accessible by car, preferably a four wheel drive vehicle, but if you're a hiker, you can also walk from the main road to the cliffs, which is a good 20 to 30 minute hike through rough terrain. Even  the road is rough and bumpy, but our little rental made it through. It even drove through a creek.  Apart from the breathtaking view, the Cliffs of Krysuvikurberg is home to some of the largest colonies of seabirds found in Iceland. According to the brochure I got from the inn, it is about 15 km wide and a great place for hiking.

The crescent shaped cliffs battered by wind, snow and rain.
The vastness of the cold sea, the crescent cliffs, the chilly temperature that made me shiver, the wind pushing and pulling yet the birds seemed to be at home. I wasn't.
A colony of birds live on the side of the cliffs.

To them, this is home.
No wonder the birds love it here, they have the best view in the world - the horizon and the sea.

 This is no place for bikinis o…