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A Zzzzzz Post

This is how I feel these days...
I am now in the final two weeks of Fall semester, and I find it hard to find inspiration to finish my two semester papers.  It's hard to function when you have so many things in your mind - health, lab tests, fear, pain, anxiety and more.  I keep asking myself how I got here.  My health is my number one source of frustration, and sometimes it is tearing my inside apart.  I know I am whining, but my personality that is impatient and spontaneous does not fit the challenges of Aplastic Anemia (AA).  AA requires a lot of sit, wait and observe, and I can't stand it any longer.  I want to get well...NOW!

Thanksgiving In New Jersey

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We're only working four hours today, and since the year is winding down, work is slowing down as well.  I still have two final papers waiting for me, but I'm taking this little break to update my blog.

I am THANKFUL that my bone-marrow biopsy went well even though I suffered some sort of anesthesia withdrawal afterwards.  I was too sick to do anything after the procedure.  My hip still hurts from time-to-time, and I am hoping it will go away soon.

We will be doing something nontraditional for Thanksgiving.  Since it's just the two of us, Kepi and I will be spending our Thanksgiving at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, NJ.  I've been to the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas so this is my first time visiting this sister casino in AC (not sure if they're managed by one company).  I'm actually excited because they offer a special Thanksgiving buffet at a very good price.  I'll blog on that when I come back.

Another exciting news, we'…

Christmas Exchange Gift Party

Here's my Christmas Wish List Guide Something you use everyday: cosmetic case and scented pensSomething soft: cute fluffy ear warmersSomething sweet: milk chocolate or any hard candiesSomething you need for work: desk calendar Favorite colors: pink, blue and redFavorite flavors: strawberry and mangoSomething you collect: Sanrio or Rilakkuma stationeriesSomething you need:a bento style lunch box that I can take to workShare you most important wish this year: Health for me and my family. Please note that this list is just a guideline. It's Christmas and whatever you put into that box will surely make me happy as long as it's packed with cheer and kindness.

If you'd like to exchange gifts with me, leave a comment on this entry, post your Christmas Wish List by November 21 and leave me a link of your blog post.

Where Did Autumn Go?

November comes And November goes, With the last red berries And the first white snows - Elizabeth Coatsworth -
I think we skipped autumn and went straight to winter.  Or, I have simply not paid attention to the changing colors of trees that when I finally woke up, they're all bare and brown.  In addition to this time lapse, hurricane Sandy left us with a parting gift - chilly temperatures.  Hurricane Sandy brought wind, rain and fury, but we're glad that she left us unscathed in my area.  Nearby farms were flooded and the quiet Monocacy River swelled up making the bridge impassable.  But such is life, after the storm, we pick up where we left off.  Slowly, the mid-Atlantic is starting to feel normal again; I send my prayers to those who have lost so much most especially in the New Jersey and New York areas.

Due to the storm, my bone marrow biopsy was postponed. I wasn't really happy with that, as I wanted it done the soonest.  My rescheduled date is this Thursday, and I had to…