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Barcelona And Gaudi

The first time I visited Barcelona, I was mesmerized with the La Sagrada Familia. My second visit to this city proved the same especially that it is a growing building and that work will continue for at least another decade.

A prime example of Gaudi's modernist style - based on forms found in nature.

The first time I visited, I only remember the darker part of the building, but look at how much it has grown. It's like a living organism that continues to grow.

A view from the Plaza de la Sagrada Familia.  When we visited, there were Christmas shops there selling Christmas items and sweets.

After Sagrada Familia, we took the bus to Park Guell, another of Gaudi's work and design.

A mosaic design on the ceiling at Park Guell.

Pillars that look like trees.

Mosaic tiles are used around the park.

This is a rock fountain above the famous "gecko" at the park.

I love how playful this window is.

This park is worth the visit.

A welcoming sight as you enter the park.

Seats adorned with mosaic tiles.

I like to remember this as the gingerbread house.

Just playing around the park - me, wearing a big hat.


  1. Karen, your travels around the world make me want to travel too, and in that, I give my hope that someday, I will be able to conquer just one place that I can be proud of, hopefully bringing along my entire family. Happy new year! Better year for all of us, good health to you!

    1. I am glad my travels inspire you. I pray that you'll make that dream come true very soon. Happy New Year and all the best for 2013.

  2. dear Kayni,

    I love that you are going to all my dream destinations <3 This Church has always been on my list (along with Easter Island, India, Cinque Terre...) Hope I can go here someday. Wishing you a happy and blessed 2013!

    1. Hi Kate, I hope you'll see all your dream destinations soon. A blessed 2013!

  3. I wish I could go back. It's one of the most magical places I've been. I really felt like it was home or could be home when I visited.

    Happy New Year.

    1. Funny because I felt at home in Barcelona as well. I don't know but it's probably because I know my way a little, but I also felt that people there were rather welcoming.

      Happy New Year!

  4. I love your photos. Barcelona is an interesting place. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Loree. Barcelona is a fascinating place to visit.

  5. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. Barcelona is one of my dream destinations. That's an amazing structure. I love the details especially the colorful mosaic tiles.


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