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Summer Break

Spring has sprung, school is out and I am back.

I am officially on summer break, but it seems that the summer months will be proven busy.  I will be blogging more the next few months, but my posts will be a bit sporadic as the clock has started for us to search for a new home; I'm very excited.

Here's a bulleted update from me:
Spring semester was a bit troubling. I had a professor who barely spoke English and had the tendency to gloat all about his international/political feats during his lectures. I'm afraid to get my grade on this one; I did give him the lowest evaluation ever. I hope the dean would do something about him. Although I doubt it, as he told us in class that "[he] is an institution". Blah, as if I care. It bothers me that Georgetown allows him to teach there.Pinky is now on the market; we've been doing a lot of renovations and I think it's time to let her go. I feel sad that I'll be leaving my first home soon. I hope the next owners wil…