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Tiny Flowers - Lavender

On happier note...

On that day, the parents, Kepi and I made our way to the Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Virginia. It was a trip to take my mind off from what about to happen - the bone marrow biopsy.  I got a promotional ticket for three and a free gift of Lavender cuttings. It was drizzling when we drove to the Lavender Farm.

That area is simply beautiful. We drove through idyllic orchards, farms and all types of enchanting greenery. We even stopped by an Alpaca Farm. (I didn't take photos.)

The beauty of the world masked the pain inside me. That day, I had fears but I tried to feel "ok."

A wild white rabbit welcomed us, as we walked towards the Lavender fields. I wanted to pick up and hug the bunny; he's that cute.
Kepi took this photo. I'm amazed at how his photography skills have improved. This is my favorite shot.
A yellow in the midst of lavenders. I feel like that sometimes.

After the drizzle...
The owner's house.
Mom cutting Lavender stems…

Two Transfusions Later

A bone marrow biopsy, numerous blood work, low platelet counts, bruises all over my arms and two transfusions...  It's been a rough couple of weeks on my side, and I am not sure where the wind will direct my sails the next few weeks.

My doctors and I have decided to put my name on the Bone Marrow Registry; this is in case I need a bone marrow transplant along the way.  I never thought it would go this far, but here I am and here it is.  Honestly, I am not myself lately.  I am depressed and I am in pain.  Most of the time, my mind hovers or flies to faraway places.  I think I lost hope in the middle of everything and I am just starting to pick things up again. 

BUT what's more alarming is that when I did some research on the US Bone Marrow Registry, here's what I found out.  According to,
the 2010 U.S Census recorded that there are about 3.4 Million [F]ilipinos in the United States, taking up one of the largest populations of Asian descent here in the United S…