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Where Do I Go From Here?

I was really contemplating if I should be writing at the moment. I don't really want to bother anyone about my health struggles but I need to write to keep my sanity.  This is the lowest point in my life, and if I understood it right, my blog should contain both the happy and sad moments of my journey. This post and maybe future posts will contain the latter.

Last week, I was supposed to qualify for another clinical trial, but the new doctor seems unsure to take me in due to my sudden low counts. Doctor New also said that my diagnosis is now MDS and he was pushing for a bone-marrow transplant; this treatment is risky and that what's worse is that Filipinos or minorities have a harder time finding a match. Kepi and I were shocked as the news were laid out in front of us. It doesn't help that such dreadful news unfolded while I was having transfusion for 1 unit of blood and 7 units of platelets. There wasn't much I can do but cry.
MDS - is a group of disorders where you…