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Uncharted Territory

I am now traversing in uncharted territory.

I sat underneath a tree and the world kept moving without hesitation. What they say is true, you can be the loneliest person even in one of the busiest cities in the world.

People I know are out there planning their lives, while I'm planning for the unknown. Does the word "future" still exist for me? On days I feel like shopping, I'd stop myself from buying clothes because I'd question if I'd still be alive long enough to wear them.

I've been crying a lot. I am also scared, but the scariest are still to come.

I've decided to push through with the bone marrow transplant (BMT). My doctor said, "Soon, the blood and platelet transfusions will stop working. So it's either you do it or die." I appreciate my doctor's bluntness, as it puts things in perspective.

The past few weeks have been spent consulting with two transplant centers - Baltimore and New York.  I've decided to have the treatmen…