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Kitchen Diary: Banana Bread

I'm crazy for Bananas!

I've made a chocolate chip banana muffin before and it was a hit with my husband. So this time, I decided to give Banana Bread a try. This recipe reminds me of our drive through Hana Highway in Maui. What is the connection between Hana Highway and Banana Bread? Well, if you've driven through Hana Highway, you'll notice all these signs from mom and pop shops offering Banana Bread. Every time we stop by a shop, the Banana Bread is gone - that's how delicious they are.

Since I made this Banana Bread, I've baked it twice already and the outcome is consistent. I did tweak it a bit and increased the Bananas and less nutmeg.

This recipe is a keeper.

A Dollop Of Daisy

"Daisy Daisy... just goes with family so do a dollop do do a dollop of Daisy do a dollop do do a dollop Things taste better with a dollop of Daisy do a dollop do do a dollop of Daisy do a dollop do do a dollop of Daisy do a dollop do do a dollop of Daisy." (Daisy Sour Cream Commercial Jingle)
Lately, I've been finding myself singing this commercial jingle. I have no intent on advertising this product but it's like one of those round songs that keeps going on and on. It's crazy!

There are two reasons why this commercial keeps popping into mind: (1) my next project is to bake mini biscuits with sour cream and (2) we just adopted a dog named Daisy.

I won't delve into the sour cream biscuits this time, but I will introduce you to Daisy. She's a senior at 12 years of age, and she comes from West Virginia. We adopted her from Hedgesville Hounds, and she arrived on May 31st.

Daisy's been well-behaved and she knows her commands - sit, lie down, stay and more.…