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Jardin Botanique Montreal

On our second day in Canada, we explored Montreal. One of our stops is the Jardin Botanique, and this is my second time visiting this place.  I was very excited to show Kepi around, as this is his first time visiting Montreal.

Montreal has a feel. Yup, French feel. We bought our tickets here. I forgot how much they were. Kepi and I thought the Insectarium is way cool. I would freak out if I see something this big crawling. A robot dinosaur? Perhaps. Another robot dinosaur that really intrigued me. We were so lucky that these water lilies were in bloom when we visited. Here's one waiting for its time to bloom. Such beauty, such elegance. It looks like she's ready to go ballroom dancing tonight. I think this is my favorite area - the Chinese Garden. The building backdrop is the Friendship Hall. The water lilies and their beautiful pink flowers. These red lanterns remind me of New Year. Friendship Hall A glimpse of The Dream Lake Garden designed by Le Weihzong. Did you know that…


After an eight hour drive from Maryland to Quebec, we woke up pretty late the next day. It was the first time in months we woke up faraway from home. It's a weird feeling. I guess that's the effect of being quarantined in a hospital for months.

Although we barely could open our eyes, we stumbled our way to the nearest Tim Horton, had some breakfast and started the car to Mont-Tremblant.

The road to Mont-Tremblant. I imagined it would have been prettier in winter. We parked near this flower bed.
Stopped by the Post Office to pick up Canadian stamps and send out postcards to family and friends. Walked for a while and we came upon this sleepy dog guarding an art shop. I think this dog could be fired for sleeping...just kidding. The name of this lake escapes me but it was a picturesque day at the Laurentian Mountains.
This dog enjoyed a good swim and went back to the water several times while we were there. We even managed to chat with the owner. Moose fountain A deer crosses our…