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Snow In March

I am not yet fully recovered from shingles.

Recently, I've noticed that my eyes are so sensitive to light, and my left eye is still bloodshot.  Not to mention the nerve pain still lingers.  I am miserable at times, but I keep looking for the light at the end of this tunnel.  There are moments shingles is kicking my butt, but I have to keep moving forward. I have to get better, and I keep hoping soon.

 No matter how cold, the sky remains blue.  We got a foot of snow from the recent storm.

 Kepi and Daisy during our afternoon walk.

 An afternoon of shadows, light and snow.

 Our neighborhood after the snowstorm.

Daisy and I out for an afternoon walk.

 A real snow dog, Daisy never fails to show me how to be a kid at heart.

Finally, I got to taste the new M&M Crispy.  It's not that bad but I still prefer the ones with peanuts.

Well, I'm on spring break, and I really need this week to recover. I have about five weeks left of this semester, and I can't wait to graduate in May. Being sick is tough because I missed three classes, but I am hoping I can catch up.

For now, I have to get better.


  1. I am sucking on Kisses as I read this. I cannot fathom how you and the rest of the East Coasters live with so much snow for so long. I sympathize. I hope it's not insensitive when I say I see snow and I have only good feelings for it. Of course I don't get it at all, that's why.

    Take care and hope this shingles thing be over very soon.

    1. I've been eating a lot of sweets lately. Call it comfort food.

      Yes, we're still surrounded by snow. It is lovely but when you're sick, the cold is not a good thing. I'm still very sick unfortunately.

  2. I dont eat much chocolate but I like seeing them on my fridge? Is that weird? Haha

    Hope you get better soon. Snow looks beautiful or it because my fave color is white. Hehehe.. Cuteee dog you got there. Too bad, im allergic to fur :( I really wish to cuddle dogs and cats...

    Get well soon!

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, I'm still very sick, but I am hoping things will get better soon.

      Oh I love cuddling with Daisy. One reason I got a big dog.

  3. It's been a strange winter. Just an hour ago we were pelted with hail. I don't mind it because we are lucky to have a warm, cosy house. I love Daisy. She looks like a kind and friendly dog.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Our winter here has been heavy and long. The birds have started arriving but winter seems to not want to let go.

      Daisy is everyone's dog. She loves everyone she meets.

  4. Nice view. It's one of my dreams to see snow. As for me, I love M&M's with almonds! :)

    1. Hi EdelWeiza, Oh yes, I do like the one with Almonds too. Thank you for visiting.

  5. Daisy is so adorable. And lovely snowy scenes too.


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