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No Sweater Day

There's no need for sweaters today. The weather is perfect.
I had some business with the Philippine Embassy, but instead of hailing a cab, I decided to walk and take in the city in spring. 
This was taken at Thomas Circle, named after General George Henry Thomas.  The two buildings on the photo are - the National City Christian Church (left) and the Calvary Baptist Church (right). 
Spring goes by too fast.  Soon, this city will be stifling hot in the summer.
For Skywatch iPhone Taken on April 30, 2015

Be Still

We were about to leave the park when I saw these two people sitting and admiring the view.

I smiled at my husband and snapped this photo.
I nodded and said, "I know how they feel."
The best way to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms is to pick a spot and be still.  Once you're still, you'll feel their breathing, appreciate their beauty and admire their grace.
For Skywatch.

Wordless Wednesday - Daisy

Spring is here!
~~~ NOTE:
I'm currently writing my research paper, so I haven't had the time to visit blogs.
I will be visiting your blogs soon.
Thank you.

Sakura And The Sky

According to the website
GENDER: Feminine USAGE: Japanese OTHER SCRIPTS: 桜, 咲良 (Japanese) PRONOUNCED: sah-koo-ṙah   [key]
Meaning & History
From Japanese 桜 "cherry blossom", though it is often written さくら using the hiragana writing system. It can also come from 咲 (saku) "blossom" and 良 (ra) "good". (Source HERE) ~~~~~~~~~
I took more than a hundred photos when we visited the Cherry Blossoms.

Believe me, there's no wrong angle when the views are as beautiful as these.

It's a beautiful feeling to walk underneath these blooms.
Husband and I enjoyed this view until it got dark.
Tidal Basin Washington, DC
For Skywatch

DC's Cherry Blossoms

I love DC in the spring!

After the grip of winter thaws, all plants and trees seem to wake up from their long slumber.

When spring arrives in DC, it's like an explosion of color and life. All the sleepy bulbs and lilies start blooming then comes the most anticipated flowers of the year - the Cherry Blossoms. The Cherry Blossom trees are mostly planted around the Tidal Basin, but they are scattered around DC if you know where to look. This year, they bloomed beautifully and gracefully; they were in time for The Cherry Blossoms Festival.

This year, we visited the Cherry Blossoms twice, and we even had a picnic underneath the blooms. Good food, good friendship and beautiful surroundings.

 The National Monument
 The Jefferson Memorial at dusk
A stroll underneath a sea of flowers

Magnolias And The Sky

Last night, I heard the first rumble of thunder. My husband exclaimed, "I haven't heard that for a while!"

We were excited. Spring? Thunder? Rain? They are all here.

A new season is beautifully unfolding.

 The Magnolia trees are in full bloom at Lafayette Square.
 Large, beautiful flowers.
Magnolias and the sky.
Taken on April 8, 2014
For Skywatch

Magnolias At Lafayette Square

I moved to the DC area in the Fall of 2001. I've just realized that I've been living here for almost 14 years, and it has become near and dear to my heart. After all, this is the place where I finished my undergrad and soon my graduate studies this May. It's the place where I fell-in-love, broke my heart, fell-in-love again and met my husband, Kepi. In fact, our first date was at the National Mall.

I know that when people, locals and tourists, talk about DC, they associate it with politics, dirty lobbyists, government shutdowns and a pathetic dating scene. But I wish to digress and show what I love about DC, the DC I know, the DC that ordinary people like me see and experience everyday. Whether it's a bad commute at the DC Metro, a relaxing lunch at the park or a day spent enjoying the blooms that dominate the area in spring time. DC's charm can sometimes be overshadowed by the incessant squabble between Democrats and Republicans, but at the end of the day, the cit…

Spring Is Here!

The warm weather started this recent Easter weekend. Although we still have the possibility of getting frost until April 19th, that didn't stop us from tackling some garden projects.

Kepi and I worked on the little garden around our mailbox and started on a new garden on the side of the house. I got the idea for the side garden from Better Homes and Gardens, so I'm really hoping it will really look close to the illustration below.

The challenging task is hunting for the specific plants needed. Really, I'm quite excited with this garden project. I have also started my seedlings for the vegetable garden, so our yard will be busy for the spring and summer seasons.

Well, Daisy went for a bath and grooming a week ago. The pet salon gave her a bandana and I just thought she looked adorable.

 Looks like Daisy got a cape from the salon. This photo makes me chuckle every time I look at it.
Are you ready to cuddle?
For now, I have two weeks left of grad school and a …

Night Sky

A calm, beautiful night.

Healy Hall, Georgetown University Campus
District of Columbia
For Skywatch

Stand Right And Walk On The Left

I can't believe it's April! DC is gearing up for tourist season.

The Cherry Blossoms are getting ready to bloom and the current 2015 peak bloom forecasts are: April 11-14 (according to the National Park Service) and April 9-13 (according to the Washington Post Capital Weather Gang). I would recommend going between April 10 or 11, and weekday afternoons are less crowded. I have covered the Cherry Blossoms yearly except last year due to my transplant. My photos for 2010 are here and 2011 photos are here.

If you'll be in DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival, make sure you get your Metro map. Remember when you're using Metro escalators, stand right and walk on the left. Washingtonian commuters use the left for walking.
Pink Cherry Blossom stickers on DC trash cans. 
Lilies are no longer hibernating.
Today, it's calm in the office, so I have time to take a break, eat a bowl of Captain Crunch and savor my Avocado. But as I stare at my bowl of Avocado, I am reminded of my c…