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Ireland: Clonmacnoise

We visited Clonmacnoise on our way to Galway.

Clonmacnoise is in County Offaly on the River Shannon south of Athlone.  It was founded in 544 by St. CiarĂ¡n.
For Skywatch iPhone Taken on May 26, 2015

Hello From Dublin!

Good morning from Dublin, Ireland!

It's our third day and we're enjoying it so far.

Yesterday, I met Odette, she's one of my Iggy sisters.  We really enjoyed her company and we're so grateful she took the time to show us Trinity College and the General Post Office. I finally got to see the Book of Kells; my theology professor would be proud of me.

Graduate Finally

The past couple of weeks have been busy; I'd say good busy.

Last week, cousin A and I walked all over DC covering the White House to the National Mall and we managed to squeeze in a day visit to the Gettysburg National Park. We were so tired but happy. Nights were spent recuperating from exhaustion and sore muscles.

Although A's visit was short (two days), we got to talk a lot about our dads, they're brothers.  In the vast span of our 30s (she's 30 I'm 30ish), we've only met twice.  It's interesting how I felt close to her despite the lack thereof of us growing up as neighbors like the other cousins I'm close with. Anyway, I'm so glad we got this chance, and I'm hoping we'll make time to see each other more.

On the same week, my parents flew in from Honolulu. I was so happy to see them and of course looked forward to my island favorites - chocolate covered Macadamia nuts and my Portuguese sausages. If given the flexibility/opportunity at th…

Washington Monument

My blog's been quiet because the real world calls.

I really enjoyed showing my cousin A around DC and a little bit of Maryland. Here's one of my favorite photos of the day.

I wonder if this even comes close to Mr. MLK's view that day when he said, "I have a dream..."
For Skywatch and Wordless Wednesdays iPhone Photo taken on May 11, 2015


At this time of year, the Hershey Gardens abound with all types and colors of Tulips.

In my previous post, I've stated why we trek here annually.  In fact, even before Kepi and I got married, we frequented this place.  I guess, Hershey Gardens will always be extra special to us.

I can't name them all, but they're all equally beautiful.
It was a warm, sunny day. Too warm for spring weather, but the Tulips seemed to enjoy and take delight in it.
For Skywatch. Photos taken on May 3, 2015

Celebrating Our Second Anniversary

On May 3rd, Kepi and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

We decided that for our yearly anniversary celebration, we'd visit the place where we got married - Hershey Gardens. There are three reasons why: (1) the place means so much to us; (2) the tulips and cherry blossoms are in bloom, just like the day we got married; and, (3) we "always" visit the Hershey chocolate factory for sweet treats.

May 3, 2015 - It was a day of gorgeous weather and beautiful blooms. This is where we held our wedding ceremony and reception.

Our souvenir photo.
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