Thursday, June 26, 2008

Complaint to the Sweat Department

DC feels like a sauna. I freakin' hate it!
I left my apartment at 7:45 a.m., and it was humid and 75 degrees outside. I could see the swimming pool from a distance and a naughty grin spreads all over my face, what if I’ll skip work and have a blast in the pool the whole day. I shook the idea off and kept on walking. From my apartment to the metro, I have a good fifteen-minute walk. By the time I get to my train, I’m all sweaty and disheveled. Embarrassment takes over as beads of sweat trickles all over my face and neck, yuck. I’d plop myself to the nearest empty seat and start wiping my face. After regaining my composure, I sat up and desperately searched in my bag for something I can use as pa-id (fan). Give me anything - a piece of paper, cardboard, or even a receipt would do. The train stops to pick up passengers at UDC and a lady walks in, in business suit, full make-up and not even a hint of sweat. WTF! What is it about this "other" women that don't sweat? Do they know something I don't know? The lady finds a seat and proceeded to work on her laptop, while I fanned myself with a yellow, sticky note.


  1. yehehey, good to have you back! let's all have fun blogging again!

  2. oh i know what you mean by that. I also sweat a lot when it got hot and humid, what is weird too whenever my husband and i go to the philippines i would sweat a lot and would even need a face towel sometimes so i can wipe it all off or moisten it while my husband wouldn't have even a pearl of sweat on his skin!!! he is the foreigner and he should sweat!
    btw, , nice to meet you kayni. thanks for dropping by, will be coming back here again.

  3. Hi Artemis, I'm glad to see you here. Yes, let's have fun blogging =).

    Hi Toni, Nice to meet you too. I will be visiting your blog often =). Thank you for visiting.

  4. Hi Kayni! Thanks for the visit to my blog.

    I sweat a lot too. Lately, despite summer being over, the weather has been hot and humid in Manila! And yes, it's crazy and unfair when I am wet with sweat all over, while this other mom at school is poised na poised, with makeup intact pa. Haaay.

  5. Hello iMom, I know exactly what you mean =). It is so interesting how some of us were created

  6. There are times that I don't sweat at all, even if it's very hot while other people are being drenched in their sweat. My bf thinks I'm abnormal :-)

  7. First of all welcome back to the blogosphere Kayni. I've missed reading your entries.

    Oh boy we are kindred spirits vis a vis sweating up a storm. I sweat a lot too. Even if I don't do anything and just stand perfectly still, I perspire na! Yucky, indeed. Lord have mercy on us! hehe

  8. Hi Artemis, I think you're lucky you're not like me =).

    Hi Daphne, Misery loves It feels great blogging again.

  9. Women should remove the word "sweat" in their vocabulary.
    With all due respect, I believe the propery terminology goes like this: Horses sweat...Men perspire...and women GLOW! Fair enough, I suppose, hehe.....

    Cheers to you all and goodhealth! Great to see your blog off and running once again.

  10. Trublue,
    Your comment reminds me of a movie [or maybe a tv show or maybe I read it somewhere hehe, ulyanin na ako] where it was mentioned that poor people sweat while rich people perspire.

  11. Hi trublue, I love the way you put it..."women glow." I'll remember that.

    Toni, You could be right - aliens walk amongst us.

    Bill, Glad to hear from you...Do rich people even perspire? Aren't they trapped in their air conditioned houses and cars? Just a thought.