Wednesday, June 25, 2008


An icy, piercing pain
Shattered the stillness of my being
My abandoned heart
Broken into a million pieces
Blown away by the wind
Swept away by the rain

Weeping echoes haunted my sleep
Fear and numbness filled my thoughts
Faintly, I hear my distant heart pleading
To be retrieved
To be taken back
To be unbroken

Blunder filled my waking moments
Shame stared right at my face
I prefer darkness, for I no longer miss
The sweet smell of grass
The clouds silently floating
The soft breeze caressing my face

My tormented soul wanders
Scavenging aimlessly
In this life, I no longer wish
To hear the deplore of a wounded heart
To hope for unrequited love
To feel the icy, piercing pain of heartache

by Kayni (KDD)

(This poem is an original composition of the author. Copy and use of this poem needs the author's permission.)


  1. Kayni! Yey!! Welcome back to the blogging world! I love your poem..

  2. Blog hopping from Artemis. what a lovely poem...welcome back to blogging! Hugs!!Thank you for adding me to your blog roll. Will add you right away. Take care!

  3. oooh, i just read your comment on my latest post. Thank you. I grew up with Batibot, Pong Pagong and the likes. Ngayon lang ako nakapanood ng Barney and I am engrossed everytime hihi. Now Ceasar is teasing me, that Barney is my other man hahha.

  4. Hi Angeli, Kero, and Joe, It's good to hear from all of you.

  5. this poems is really touching....the pain in the heart is really deep and it is hard to get it away, just the time gives us the chance to stand up and go foward. i wish for your future lots of power and mostly love for your life, pure and honest love. Send you a special Italian hug! Barbara.