Friday, July 25, 2008

Road to Virginia

A road in Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains (2007).

I am getting ready for our trip to Williamsburg, VA tomorrow. It's a two+ hour drive, so Mom and I are hitting the road at 6 AM. I'm the designated driver, so I'll need a big cup of coffee to keep me up. The car is filled up and ready. All I need now is get my things ready - clothes, camera, map/directions, and snacks.

For road trips, I keep a few rules: (1) make sure the car is checked, full tank, and ready; (2) research about road, map, and destination; (3) gadgets - cellular phone, gps, and camera; (4) bring first aid kit and prescriptions; and, (5) most important: snack and music. The snack keeps me awake, and the music keeps me company when my Mom dozes off.

How about you? What are you up to this weekend? Whether reading a book, traveling somewhere, sleeping, or getting together with family/friends/relatives, have a wonderful and fantastic weekend.


  1. Love to travel via driving, and like you, readiness/preparedness is a must! Like Bush always say:
    no child left behind, hehe....

    Goodluck to the Grand Canao. Advise them to do the "gongs" in synchronized manner just like how a "dance troup" should perform. Our culture is under a microscope during these events and must be dignified. Just my take.
    If you want to make a comment about the event, ask for Willy Austria (a baguio boy who lived in Hawaii also) and he might be of help. Am sure he's one of the organizers. Cheers to GC!

  2. Happy trip and safe travels :-)
    There's a typhoon predicted this weekend here so I think I will be homebound. Hope the rain won't affect my internet connection hehe.

  3. Well said, music and snacks are very important aside from the camera. =) I was in a house warming yesterday and catched The Dark Knight in the evening. Today, I'll just be home to finish reading a book and deal with some papers from the office.

    Enjoy your trip and regards to your mom!

  4. I'd probably play online Othello for the rest of the weekend. It's raining and windy outside. If there'll be a blackout, then I'd probably sleep :-)

    good luck and have much fun in your trip!

  5. hello sis! Safe and joyous trip to you and your mom! :) I spent the weekend listening to audio-lectures and writing heaps of papers to turn in comes Monday. Poor me... hehehe

  6. Wow! Sounds like fun! Preparation adds to the excitement too.

    I'm doing what I consider my perfect day. Lolling around, relaxing, and watching Bones all day. hehe

  7. Hello everyone, we got back from our weekend trip yesterday, but I was too tired to write or upload any photos. I'm glad everyone had a wonderful weekend, and I can't wait to tell you all about our trip to Williamsburg and the Grand Canao.