Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Road Trips and the Grand Canao

This is going to be a short work week. This Thursday, the office decided to close at 1 p.m., courteousy of the boss, and with the Fourth of July holiday this coming Friday, I am blissfully looking forward to a long, lazy and relaxing weekend. However, I am not going on any trips, as I have decided to stay at home and spend some quality time with my cable and DVD collection. I prefer not to deal with the crowded airports and slow road traffic. In addition, a number of airlines have increased airfares and are now charging for check-in luggages, drinks (except tap water), and food. With gas prices at $4.10 a gallon, I think staying at home would be the ideal way to save money and avoid the headaches of flight delays and hair-pulling road traffic. Mom knows that I need some anger management when I'm on the road. No worries, I'm currently working on it.
Speaking of future road trips, I am looking forward to attending the Grand Canao on July 25 – 27 (Williamsburg, VA). This is the second year I’m attending. It will be a two-hour drive, but I am looking forward to meeting all the attending BIBAK (Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc, Apayao, and Kalinga) members. I am so excited about the cultural night, where every group will perform tribal dances and wear colorful costumes such as the tapis. I am forever proud and appreciative of my Igorot heritage, but part of me feels guilty that I never took the initiative to learn any of the Igorot dances. It may look easy to some people, but my shyness has always taken the best of me.


  1. I used to be a road bug/on travel whenever there's a chance esp. during long weekends, but only when I came here that I started to enjoy being home. I am actually always looking forward to weekends now, with majority of the 48 hours spend at home. =)

    The only time I got to watch Igorot dances (in flesh) was in Panagbenga 2006.

  2. Hi Kayni,

    So what movies do you plan to watch?

    The Grand Canao must be fun. Is taking pictures allowed during the event? I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures (that i hope you'll take and post). :)

    Reading your post made me miss our highland home..

  3. A Grand Canao away from home, that's great. At least Igorots don't get to forget their roots and well-preserved practices. Greetings from Baguio City.

  4. hello kayni - have fun in your upcoming trip.. i'm sure it will be lots of fun, may pakbet and pinikpikan ba? ay apo! taga high lands ak met . baguio the city of pines :) we moved there when i was 7 years old. we originally come from manila.

  5. im in baguio but have not yet seen any grand canao.. mapalad ka kaibigan :-)

  6. Like you, I've never put a gun on my head to make me wear the men's tradition of G-String. But I would participate in a fun run wherein everybody are wearing it, it would be real fun.

    Have several friends in that area and Tidewater. Am sure most will be attending. Believe San Diego BIMAK will have their Grand Canao in late August. Goodluck to all.

  7. witsandnuts, i actually think that at some point in a person's life, there's this time or phase that makes being a homebody very enticing. right now, that's the case with me. i still go on trips on occasion.

    angeli, i just watched "the promise," an artistic chinese movie =). i'm thinking of watching "while you were sleeping" next.

    yes, i'll take photos. i'll post some here.

    devastatingly cute guy, yes, igorots have organizations here. this is our way of making sure our younger igorots remember their heritage. it's also a way of catching up and meeting new people.

    toni, i have to check if there'll be pinikpikan or pakbet. i'm not so sure how they'll kill the birds softly though. we might get charged with animal cruelty.

    artemis, didn't we have BIBAK or an igorot organization during our UP days?

    trublue, are you coming to the Grand Canao? i'd love to attend the one in San Diego.

  8. I played the gongs but I was always wearing T-shirts and pants and it was primarily for family gatherings.

    I forgot that it was a three day holiday that I didn't plan anything. hehe

    Have fun at the BIBAK gathering. The last BIBAK gathering I attended was in 1995.

  9. hi sis,
    thanks for letting me know about your new page. I made the update on my blogroll! :-) Enjoy the grand canao!

    One of the towns in my province holds Canao feast annually in stead of the usual town fiesta done by most of the lowland towns. It's really grand!

  10. Wil, it's nice you can play gongs. it is one of things i haven't heard in a while. this is why i'm so excited to go to the Canao.

    Sis, great to see you here. i'd like to see that Canao in your province in the future. i'll let you know how the Canao here will be like.