Friday, August 22, 2008

Bucket List

I was tagged by Miss Firefly.

**List 8 things you would like to do or accomplish before you die.
  1. travel around the world, eat all sorts of ethnic/traditional food, meet people, and experience different cultures
  2. write my grandfather's World War II experiences as a guerilla fighter, and I also want to write a children's story
  3. finish graduate school
  4. own a house in Hawaii and Maryland
  5. make my parents happy, and I'd like to take them to a European trip
  6. build a bed and breakfast in Sagada
  7. see my two older siblings settle in a comfortable life
  8. live my life to the fullest - be it with someone or not
I am tagging anyone who wants to do this meme.


  1. kayni! pa-visit sa B&B mo sa sagada ha! i looove that place ;-)

  2. caryn, of course, you're most welcome to visit =). i love sagada as well.

  3. A book about your grandfather, that's very interesting. =)

    I've never been to Sagada. I only went North up to Baguio. Hope to find time to go there. I saw Sagada pix of my cousin and the scenes from Don't Give Up On Us taken there, it seems to be a very nice (and romantic) place.

  4. Wits, I love Sagada. It is my mom's hometown. I didn't know that there's a movie or show filmed there. I haven't seen or heard of "Don't Give Up on Us." Hmm...maybe that's another project for an internet surf.

  5. 1. Love to see Sagada again, saw it last when I was 10
    2. Visit Davao City
    3. Fly to Batanes
    4. See Rome and the Vatican
    5. Walk the compound of the Mansion House
    6. Tour the Ilocos Region
    7. Live long enough to watch my GS
    TBIII become an Engineer, NASA
    preferrably. No engineers in my family.
    8. Have a 21 y/o priceless car not even a Ferrari can match it's features: a) no GPS but has a two dollars worth of compass; b) radio works only when it's parked near a radio station; c) no CD but it has a cassette player and warns you to "play at your own risk", will eat up your tape. Gonna will this car to my home state and let them dispose of it, revenged!!

    Watched the movie "Bucket List" a few months back and it can be true and also hilarious.

    Kayni - think Bill mentioned in his blog, that particular movie wasn't actually filmed in Sagada but rather in Baguio.

  6. Trublue, Thank you for informing me about this movie. I've never seen it.

    Also, it's great to read your bucket list =). I agree with your no. 8; truly, revenge is a sweet thing.