Saturday, August 23, 2008

In Case (and I Thought) You Want To Know

I was tagged by witsandnuts.

I am: in a state of restlessness - so many things going on at work
I think: that I'll soon understand why certain things are happening in my life
I know: that we can always begin where we are
I have: a dog named Basset and I love him to bits
I wish: I was on vacation
I hate: the smell of cigarette smoke mixed with humid weather...yak
I miss: my older sister and brother
I fear: losing my parents; they're now in there 60s
I hear: my colleague's typing
I smell: no scent except for the cool air (AC) going through my nostrils
I crave: for pastillas de leche, suman, lechon rice, and bibingka made in the Philippines
I search: for Filipino movies and TV shows online =)
I wonder: if there's life after death
I regret: not giving my best in college
I love: chocolates, stationeries, and teddy bears
I ache: whenever I leave our family home
I am not: fat, I am just healthy
I believe: that every thing happens for a reason
I dance: when it rains and when I like the music
I sing: when I'm in the shower or alone in my car
I cry: when I'm hurt or when anyone close to me is hurt
I fight: for my rights and the rights of those who can't speak up
I win: every time I feel good about myself
I lose: my patience easily
I never: leave the house without my phone
I always: try to look at the brighter side of things
I confuse: "there" and "their" sometimes
I listen: to what my heart and mind whenever I need to make a decision
I am scared: of not accomplishing my goals
I need: a pay increase
I am happy about: my family and current life
I imagine: a world of peace and harmony

I’m tagging Angeli, Artemis, and Ganda.


  1. Thanks for playing. It's good to read and know a bit of you through your random thoughts. =)

  2. Wits, The pleasure is all mind. Loved the tag =).

  3. i hate cigarette smoke too. :(

    your regret, is my regret also. i was a total lazy ass in college, lost my scholarship not for long and though my grades aren't so bad, i really regret it because i know i could've done more. :(

    ah well, the pains of growing up. :)

  4. ms firefly, i know exactly how that feels. there's always that feeling of "if i could have done better," but you're right, it's all part of growing up.

  5. hi kayni,. just dropping by shortly,nice tag. it made me get to know you better :)

  6. Hi Toni, Thanks for the visit. Hope you're both well.

  7. Hi Kayni! I passed a blog award to you. You may claim it here:


  8. hello sis, thanks for the tag. :-) I hope to do it soon!