Monday, August 11, 2008

Jamestown Trip

Our trip to Jamestown was so much fun and relaxing at the same time. The GPS really made driving a lot easier, and I wasn't as stressed as I used to reading from printed directions. The TomTom GPS was so precise that even if I had intentionally taken a wrong turn, it recalculates itself in a matter of seconds and takes me right away to the right road or direction. I'd give this GPS two thumbs up.

Our first stop was Historical Jamestown, where we explored the original Jamestown settlement. We gazed at James River and imaged how the first English settlers arrived to an unknown and untamed wilderness. What were they feeling? What were they expecting?

We were met by the resident archaeologist, and he patiently took us around the settlement and lectured about what they've found and what they've discovered. One of the most interesting find was a bag of 350 year old seeds from one of the digs. They planted the seeds, and amazingly it grew. According to him, this was a perfect opportunity to learn about the first settlers' diet.

After the tour around the archaeological dig site, we visited the archaearium. The archaearium is a building built over an ongoing archaeological dig and certain parts of the floor are made of glass; therefore, allowing visitors to see what archaeological activities are going on underneath. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed. They've found human remains, and one of them still have a lead bullet or shot stuck to one of its skeletal legs. By some meticulous science, they were able to trace and identify how one human remain died, how he lived, what composes his diet and so forth. We were totally amazed. We spent a whole day exploring Jamestown as there was so much to see and read, so we decided to visit Yorktown some other day.

For the night, we stayed at the Governor's Inn. I slept like a log. I was either too tired or too relaxed. What I love about this hotel is their Continental Breakfast. I have never seen so much food, and the waitresses kept bringing in more food. My favorite were those small Orange muffins. They were really delicious. I think I ate about five of them. Remember, they were small.

Since our hotel was just two blocks from Downtown Williamsburg, we decided to go for a walk, and our day turned into a shopping event. I have to say that Downtown Williamsburg has the nicest shops I've ever seen - Christmas Shop, The Peanut Shop, The Cheese Shop, and my favorite would be Wythe Candy and Gourmet Shop. I bought a couple of things, and yes, those candied Apples were among them.


  1. Thanks for this post on historical Jamestown. It is interesting to find out about a place. I love those quaint themed little shops.
    Glad you had a great time :)

  2. Know what, I really love reading your posts especially the travel-related ones. You write as if 'you're actually talking' to me. It's like me being there in your trips, too. =)

    Bwt, for a while I fancy those apples. There are two which offer gourmet apples in the Philippines, Czarina's and San Fo Treats.

    Glad you had a sound sleep during the weekend. I used to have that deep sleep on friday nights. =)

  3. Hi Daphne, I wanted to post more photos, but I'll try to add them to other posts in the next few weeks. I loved the shops too=).

    Witsandnuts, Thank you for the compliment. I just write from the heart =)...naks. I'd love to try those places you mentioned in the Philippines. Hopefully soon, I need a vacation and eat some really good Filipino food.