Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Acquisition

Lately, my attention has been on my new acquisition - a TomTom 3rd Edition GPS. It's supposed to be the "most" user friendly GPS around, or so I'm told. I've done a lot of research before finally making the decision on this purchase. I'll be testing it's capabilities this weekend, as my parents and I are going on a road trip to Jamestown and Yorktown, Virginia. Of course, I'm the sole chauffeur again, but this time, it will be a lot easier with the GPS' guidance. In the past, especially on my first solo trip from New Jersey to DC, I depended solely on maps and MapQuest. It was so stressful driving on the freeway while looking at the map at the same time. I do hope that the GPS is a good investment, since before this year ends, I really want to do more weekend road trips.

We will be staying there for a night, so it will be a nice weekend to relax and explore both Jamestown and Yorktown. For the past few days, I've had this yearning to get away from my usual routine, and I found out that a simple getaway such as this really makes the difference. Maybe my work is starting to get to me, maybe getting away even for a day or two is helping me get over the wounds of a seven month old break-up, maybe and just maybe, I just want to be away - just to be away, if you get my drift.


  1. ohh, hugs kayni, i hope you'll get to have a wonderful get-away. kj has a tomtom for many years in amsterdam, and it was his bestfriend on the road. there's a funny news today though that a belgian drove down a flight of stairs in italy, using his tomtom as guide. hehe. i think he understood "her" wrong, we never had problems with the tomtom EVER. :)
    take care of you!

  2. Sounds like your new gadget would be very useful in your roadtrips ahead. Looking forward to your stories of how it'd be your bestfriend while on the road.

    As the wind blows during your planned travels, may joys and new exciting things rush towards you. =)

  3. I haven't gotten a gps yet so I depend mainly on studying google maps before I drive to an unknown location. I get freaked out though when I take a wrong turn and I have to rely on my wits to get back on track. That's when a gps would definitely come in handy. hehe

  4. hey, that sounds like a great purchase. i hardly ever drive so i'm usually the navigator when it comes to road trips ;-)

  5. *hugs!*

    Hope your trips gives you the something you hoped for.

    About the GPS, I don't know why but it really makes me giggle. I guess its the association I made from the numerous blogs I've read. Most of them poke fun at this useful device. Hehe

    Take care always! Or as what we say around here-- amping kanunay!

  6. ms firefly, thanks. hugs back. that's a funny story about the gps. over here, there were a number of tourist who found themselves on a cliff after following their gps. i guess those are rare occurrences.

    witsandnuts, i am so excited about this. hopefully, it will take out some of the stress from driving long distance. i really hate getting lost.

    wil, i know the feeling especially when you're driving on road that doesn't allow u-turns. i also freak out, so i'm hoping this gps will help out a lot. i'll try to post a review when i get back.

    caryn, i also have my Mom or Dad being the navigator. at times, we end up arguing...sigh.

    layrayski, you know, i seem to have that feeling these days. looking for something i don't know. perhaps i should expound on that on a separate entry =). thank you. amping kanunay too =).

  7. i'm looking forward to your blog entry complete with pictures about your road trip this weekend.

    Hopefully your new 'toy' will come in handy for your getaways.

    Have fun :)

  8. oh you've taken the plunge, no more map reading! i'm sure this will make life easier on the road. since we got the gps, hubby and i are not fighting on the road anymore - he always accuses me of reading the map wrongly :( although i am sometimes guilty of it!

    well your get away, do look very nice. I've seen the post with the pictures and the stories :)

  9. daphne, the toy was very helpful and so precise, i'd recommend it in a heartbeat.

    toni, yes, i had to make the jump =). i was getting tired to reading directions and maps. =)