Monday, August 4, 2008

Not My Friday Either

On Friday, I finished my department's report at 3 PM, so my day should have been done, right? Wrong. (Every week, I compile reports from every department.) I was in the office until 6:50 PM waiting for department L's report. L department has this idea that they should be waited upon every single freakin' week. I was furious and complained to my director that this is getting worse. One time I waited until 6 PM, but apparently, they went home without even bothering to send me their report. Imagine how angry I was. Well, my director went over and talked to them, so we'll see next month if there'll be some changes. The report went out at 7 PM.

At 8 PM, Mom and I were already at the airport to pick up my Dad. Dad's flight from Hawaii was on time, and we were happy to see him. He looked tired, but cheery as ever. We boarded the Yellow line, and we were to stop at Gallery Place to transfer to the Red line en route to my apartment. Unfortunately, the National's (DC's baseball team) game just concluded and people were packing the station like sardines. It was hot and I smelled liquor everywhere. Three trains passed, but we were unable to get in. There was a lot of pushing and shoving. On the fourth train, we finally fought our way in. It should have been smooth sailing from there on, but again, I was wrong. A train in front of us broke. Metro DC made an announcement that the train we were on will track back to an earlier station and a bus from there will take us to where we're supposed to go. We followed directions, so when we finally got out of the train, we were surprised that there were no buses waiting at all. A Metro representative said we were supposed to have gotten out from the other Metro station. Hell, my blood was starting to boil. One of the passengers was already fuming, so the Metro rep said he'll ask for buses to come pick us up where we were.

I looked at my watch, it was already 11 PM. This is becoming a three hour ordeal. We waited and waited some more, the bus was taking longer than expected. I looked at my parents, and they looked tired. I felt so guilty for taking them through this trip. I went to the Metro rep and asked what's going, and he said that the bus should be here any minute. We waited again. After 3o minutes, I decided to hail a cab and abandon all hopes that Metro DC will ever do it right for us that night. The cab ride went well and I spent the whole trip complaining to our cab driver, who was ever sympathetic to what happened. By the time we reached my apartment, it was 1:00 AM.

I was angry, but too tired and exhausted to complain. I plopped myself to bed, and I was just thankful we were safely home.


  1. Such a long day! Patience so tested. And that L Department is kind of arte ha. =) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the weekend with your parents.

  2. Oh what an ordeal for you and your parents. But nonetheless I'm glad that your dad has joined you and your mother na there. Enjoy! :)

  3. witsandnuts, i'm still so disappointed with metro until today. but yes, we had a wonderful weekend. we're going on another weekend road trip =).

    daphne, dad's still adjusting, but i am so glad both my parents are here. all i've been doing is making weekend plans. it's fun.

  4. oh, that was bad. and you had your parents with you, so that's doubly horrible for you to feel. ah well. it happens. but still, at least you arrived home safe and sound. :)
    hope this week goes fine kayne!

  5. oh my, what a story - when it rains it pours! i would have cried there out of frustration.. thank goodness you got home safe after all that ordeal.