Monday, October 27, 2008

7 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by Cheryle to post "7 Random Facts About Me." Here it goes:

  1. I have a merchant marine's license and used to work as a purser for American Cruise Lines. I had a wonderful experience sailing to all the Hawaiian islands except Ni'ihau.
  2. I was the regional impromptu speech champion but lost in the national level. I was devastated because the national champion represented the Philippines in Australia.
  3. I have a black belt in Taekwondo. I have started training when I was 15 until 25. I haven't trained in years so I am very rusty. Through Taekwondo, I learned so much about myself and a lot of my friends I met through training and demos. Yes, I can still break boards.
  4. A number of my family wanted me to go into the medical field, but I told them that it is not my interest. Besides, I've always believed that if you follow your interest, the money will come. I was right. I am happy I took History. I am now in the process of applying for grad school.
  5. I spent three years working in Dutch Harbor (part of the Aleutian Chain), Alaska. I started as a processor and moved on to become QC. I then went on to work for a hotel there and was provided housing and food privileges within the hotel. It was a sweet deal. Housekeeping and laundry were also included.
  6. I met Svetlana Boguinskaya in Alaska. She was known as the "Belarusian Swan," and she's a three-time Olympic champion. You can read more stuff about her here. Since Dutch Harbor was quite close to Russia, I think she was there to encourage children to get into gymnastics.
  7. I am the third and youngest child in the family. There's a nine-year gap between me and the second. I love being the youngest child.
* I am tagging Artemis, Kumareng Grace, Josiet, and Layad. Do it when you have the time gals, and don't forget to have fun. I did.


  1. "I have a black belt in Taekwondo"...naku, better not make you mad pala!

    Thanks for the tag. Will work on it when I can (somebody also tagged me with the same topic.).

    Have a great day kayni!

  2. you're a blackbelt in taekwondo! that's something girl!

  3. Interesting facts about yourself! Thanks for the tag. Will do this soonest.

  4. I always had the impression that you're indeed a somebody. It's more than I've expected. I'd always believe in pursuing what you love. I've always been curious how's life in Alaska (not just because that's mentioned in Twilight saga Book 3), I'm looking forward to your related post on that. And oh, a black belter! That's amazing.

    Thanks for sharing more about you. =)

  5. Hello Kayni...juts want you to know I finished my post. Hope you drop by to read it!

  6. heey, thanks for the tag! just in the right timing .. wow, this is a good tag to know more of you, so now I know a bit about some missing links in your life (after leaving UP and resurfacing again when you first emailed me 4 years ago!). You really did those things? wow, great adventure, I have a "marine's license/passport" myself which I took at the end of 2006 but I never had the chance to use it :-(.. ... :-)

  7. kg, feel free to make me mad =), my taekwondo is rusty anyway.

    sheng, thank you. i've always loved being active.

    josiet, can't wait to see your list.

    wits, we're all somebody =). great idea, i'll try to do a post about my life in alaska. in some ways, i do miss my life there.

    dina, you better do your list =). i'm sure i'll be wowed too.

    artemis, life's been truly an adventure...

  8. I always like reading blogs about random facts about somebody. Its fun. As long as I'm not tagged it's great! Hehehe

    Wow. You live a varied and rich life. I can only dream that I can be as interesting as you. =)

  9. layrayski, i think we all live varied and colorful lives. that gives me an idea...i think i'll tag you next

  10. really interesting things about you :) you've led/leading a wonderful and exciting life.. wow black belt in taekwondo.. i attended a few lessons in taekwondo till my mom asked me to stop because i was always hanging around with the boys and she was afraid i would turn out to be a tomboy.. really weird mom.

  11. wow! black belter! i did taekwondo too, but only got as far as brown. i quit shortly after that. ahahah!

  12. Cool, you met The Swan. Did you take a picture with her? :D

    Way to go on reaching the nationals in impromptu speech! I did an impromptu speech once in a high school competition. I was horrible. hehe

  13. toni, my mom didn't want me to do it at first, but after attending my promotions, she started pushing me to do it until i get black...also, it kept me physically active since a big number of family are blessed with the fat genes.

    caryn, brown belt is great. i think we can

    wil, i took a photo with her. i might post it in the future. it was my first time doing impromptu, and i found it challenging that they only give you about 10 minutes to prepare for a topic. interestingly, my speech topic was about tribal wars. it was a topic i was so familiar with.

  14. kayni, it's nice to know very interesting facts about you! i would never have guessed you do taekwondo! go girl, i am in awe of you!

  15. ms firefly, i usually don't write that stuff about me...i have ran out of random thank you. i might be tempted to go back training this year.

  16. Eh? If I remember correctly I left a comment na here about this post, now I wonder if I accidentally left it at someone else's blog hehe

    Anyways I said I better not cross you in any way, you might smash me into lil pieces kasi you have a black belt in Taekwondo :D

  17. hi daphne, no worries. i don't use taekwondo to good