Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fabulous Start To October???

I feel tired and sick today. Actually, I've been feeling sick the past four days now. It's rag weed season, so I'm thinking that's the culprit. I have been taking allergy medications, but it's helping minimally with the headache and stuffy nose. I have been forcing myself to come to work, as we're getting ready for the annual meeting. Since Monday, I have been toiling on my department's filings and reports. To my amazement, I was able to submit all necessary documents yesterday. So far, none was returned.

However, I have big tickets occupying my mind, and so here goes my list for October:

  • Renewing my apartment lease = I'm also thinking of finding a new place, but I cringe whenever I think of packing and unpacking. This one is stressing me out.
  • Bills = this list is endless...
  • Where to spend Thanksgiving = My parents live all the way in Hawaii, so for the past six years, I've been going to my ex's family gathering. Well, he's now an ex, so obviously I can't go and crash their party. So, I am quite looking at Thanksgiving on my own. If you're talking about friends, my two closest friends are currently overseas.
  • Where to spend Christmas = This is tough because I have first planned to go home to Hawaii, but when I started looking online for plane tickets, the prices were at $1300.00. For the past few years, I've never paid more than $800.00 to go there. I was sorely disappointed. I know some of you would say that I can't put a price on being with my family at Christmas time, but I'd have to argue that a $1300.00 ticket is not easy to cough out. I need some thoughts on this one. Or better yet, I need some info on "How to Spent Christmas Alone." It's also a good title for a book.
Any thoughts and opinions that would help illuminate my puny brain would be greatly appreciated. I hope you're all having a fabulous start to October.


  1. Packing and unpacking, just the thought of it is so tiring. Sheez, that's a material increase in airfare. I'd have the same consideration as yours. About the past 6 years... my heart sort of.. did break while reading that part. Can I hug you?

    I hope you will feel better soon. The weather here is cooling, too. Pimples and colds will be active. =) My October started so well. Hhmm, because of the Eid (holidays, finally!). I'm just an email away if you need a clown/ listener/ anything. =)

  2. Well, starting October with a long list of what to do and what-not to do, is truly tough. And paying airfare that much is a hot seat. My cousin is flying back home to Hongkong on, guess what? January 1. Why, it's the cheapest airfare price, teehee!

  3. wits, thank you, and yes, you may hug me =).

    sheng, i was thinking of flying on the christmas day too, but that totally ruins the thought of being with family on christmas day, and it's not even cheap.

  4. Praying for a miracle for you sis, re the tickets for Christmas so you can spend the holidays with your family. (I'm thinking not that the price will go cheap but that someone will give it to you free or half free) hehe, who knows?

    I experienced spending Christmas alone and it made me literally sick! so don't! :)

  5. flying for the holidays is never easy for its peak season.. i wonder where i will be and what i'll be doing then, i'm such a perpetual drifter.

    my October started ok, i'm still on travel and everything is smooth so far. much reflections came and there are some sad as well as good news. life is such an unpredictable affair!

    hugging you Kayni..

  6. Ganda, I have been praying too. I am hoping for a miracle. Thank you so much, sis.

    Artemis, Hugging you too Artemis. I look forward to your news whether good or bad. Same way here, I am wondering what will be my holidays like.