Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let It Rain

It's a rainy Saturday, so Mom and I decided to just stay at home and relax. We've spent most of the morning watching scary movies. For lunch, I whipped up some fried rice loaded with garlic and fried some Sweet Hamonado Longanisa. Truly, rainy days inspire me to hone my cooking skills.

And look at what the postman delivered today. I got a package from my friend, Lily, who lives in Alaska. My Halloween treats came early, as Lily filled the box with a variety of sweets. Lily was my former boss when I worked in Alaska. Lily and I have been friends for more than ten years; I am so lucky that she also considers me as her own daughter. When I was working in Alaska, she was my friend, my boss, and my mentor.

I know some of you were wondering how my fudge brownies came out, and here's a photo I took last night. I have a few more pieces left, but I don't think there'll be anything left for tonight.

For the rest of my afternoon, I'll sit by my window, enjoy my favorite red rose tea, write some letters, and be lulled by the sweet sound of rain tapping my window pane.


  1. Yay, so many chocolate goodies!:)

    If rain makes you hone your cooking skills, rain makes me idle. It makes me sad too.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  2. Ooooh... what a perfect way to eat your brownies and drink your tea. Your brownie looks like mine when I bake brownies, only I put chocolate icing on top. AS if a it wasn't chocolaty enough! :)

  3. I envy the rain. =) Heehee. And your tocino perfectly matched the weather. Your former boss is so thoughtful. That's a variety of chocos.

    Yesterday I watched High School Musical 3. I enjoyed it more because of the teeners' reactions while watching the film. The audience is a combination of not-so and ultraconservative people.

    I'll try to gather some scary films. Just in time for the Halloween. Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Oh so far I've learned that you studied in Rome and worked in Alaska. It's interesting to learn something about someone through their blogs :)

  5. josiet, i hope your weekend's going great. i know it's a lot of sweets, and it will probably take me a while to devour

    kg, hmm...i might think of using icing next time too.

    wits, the horror marathon has started here on oct. 1 - they call it "31 days to halloween." it's fun - lots of blood and monsters.

    angeli, i do love the mittens. i think they're cute too.

    daphne, ah, so you're slowly learning more stuff about i guess this blog proves to be useful.

  6. yummy chocolates.....i have a tag for you, i hope you can check it out.

  7. rain (minus typhoon in the Philippines) is fun. but yes, it will shine eventually... and the LORD is good!

    masarap yung cake:) hmmmm.....

  8. Cheryle, I'll check out the tag. Thank you.

    Abella, I agree, and yes, the cake was excellent.

  9. dina, if you have recipes from Singapore, share naman.

  10. ummm, recipes? i may not be very helpful with that- i am still trying to revive my 'desire' to cook =P i kinda nearly burned our house down the last time i tried to cook- seriously. but i will ask around here.

  11. dina, that happened to me too. when i moved to my apartment, i forgot i was baking something until it turned on the fire alarm. it was so loud that i was frantically running not knowing what to do. i had to air out the whole i hope it won't happen again.

  12. kayni, i love the red rose label on your tea! will you cut one and send it to me? :D

    i love your new gloves, and the chocolates. friends are hulog ng langit talaga!

  13. ms firely, it's a small tag. send me your mailing addy. i'll send you the red rose tag.