Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Teaism and Singleism

My friend, B, recommended the Teaism Restaurant for lunch today. I didn't expect her to feel the vibe of my recent weekend adventure searching for that elusive Barley tea. I was so excited going to this restaurant, as I was hoping to find my fave tea. To my dismay, they have all kinds of tea except for Barley. I guess the saga continues. I keep thinking it's like watching the Indiana Jones movies expecting that there are parts I, II, and III or more.

For lunch, I had a Salmon Bento with a pot of Gen Mai Cha. The Salmon was cooked perfectly tasty and juicy, complemented with pickled Ginger and a box of Edamame. It was a light and healthy meal. The warm tea was perfect to ward off the cold specially at this time of the year. B and I tried to catch up on anything to everything, but an hour and a half isn't enough. Obviously, she's got a busier social life than I do. These days, I enjoy being a homebody.

B and I usually have lunch once a week, but since she's been frequenting Geneva for work, we've missed a lot of lunches. Since we left college, both our lives evolved from carefree college students to responsible working women. Although work and age are catching up on us, when we're together, we still act as if we are in college. Our conversations are still peppered with boys and former relationships, and we still giggle at the sight of good-looking boys. Sorry, but we both think that most males are "boys" and only a few deserve to be called "men." B and I also touched on the topic of being "single," and we both agree that for now - we're completely comfortable being fulfilled, successful, single women.


  1. I smiled reading your post. Reminds me of how my friends and I get during our night outs (but doesn't really involve clubbing). =)

  2. I love Salmon! I can eat everyday..hehe..if only it is not that expensive.

    Enjoy singleton as long as you can. Because once you're maried and have kids, there's no turning back! :)

  3. layrayski, i don't go clubbing at all. my night outs usually involve eating out, watching a movie, or just hanging out at a friend's place.

    josiet, i'll do my best to enjoy my current status =). i do love Salmon too, and they're quite easy to cook too.

  4. I'm becoming more curious about Barley tea. I'll try to find one. I totally agree with the feeling of being just like in yesteryears. When we had our highschool reunion two years ago, we did talk and feel as if we were still teeners. There were changes but practically we felt so young. Almost the same topics when I bumped with close friends.

    Hope you find the elusive tea soon. =)

  5. witsandnuts, sigh...the search continues for that freakin' tea =). yes, do try barley tea, and let me know what you think.

  6. Come to Singapore. They have barley tea in cans, in packs, etc. ;)

    I also have reunions with childhood friends and we still talk about things that happened way back then hehehe...

    Well-said about enjoying singleton...

  7. Layad, I'd love to visit Singapore in the future. How could packs of barley tea exist there, while they're no where to be found here. It's unfair.