Thursday, October 16, 2008

Travel: Studying in Rome

These are the places where my university lectures took place. My subjects were Ancient Roman History and Roman Art and Architecture. The best part of studying in Rome was traveling to all these spots with your professor and classmates, having special access to restricted sites, and having your mind travel through time as your professor talks about the significance of the ground you're standing on.

This is where I lived, Borgo Pio, which was a block away from the Vatican.

A rainy day at the Piazza del Popolo (People's Plaza)

The dome of St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica

The ruins at the Palatine Hill (Remember the story of Romulus and Remus? The Palatine Hill is the believed location of the Lupercal, a cave, where they were taken cared and nursed by a female wolf.)

My classmate entering the underground House of Griffin. (The griffin is an ancient creature believed to have the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.) I was actually scared going into this house: 1.) it was dark; 2.) it was old/ancient; and 3.) I was superstitious that the ghosts of the ancient dwellers were still there.

Inside the Vatican

The art ceiling of the Vatican Museum

The Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum

Roman Forum

Castel Sant'Angelo overlooking the Tiber River (I pass through here everyday to get to school.)

The Arch of Constantine

This last photo should give you an idea what our next feature album will be. Care to guess?


  1. Oh, "we're" going to the Sistine Chapel next! I enjoyed looking at the pix. I can almost see the details of the Vatican ceiling.

    I'd like to get into the House of Griffin. I'm such a coward but adventurous. Lol. I would be revisiting my history of Palatine Hill. That female wolf sounded more interesting this time (cause I'm associating it to Twilight's wolves). =)

    Thanks for the your, Kayni. =)

  2. ohh beautiful pictures again!!! for how long did you stay there?

  3. wits, i was laughing because you always find a way to incorporate the Twilight

    yes, the Sistine Chapel it is =).

    ms firefly, i stayed in italy for 8 months. i didn't want to leave, but i had to

  4. Awesome pics! The rainy day at Piazza del Popolo pic was sad. Or I just don't like rains :)

  5. josiet, i really don't know, but i tend to love the rain. i feel so relaxed and sleepy whenever it pours out here. =)

  6. Oh yes I'm looking forward to your Sistine chapel album :)

  7. Just now I noticed the last time. I meant to say, "Thanks for the trip, Kayni." Haha, forgive me for my Twilight relapses. =)

  8. daphne, i know i wasn't supposed to take photos, but i couldn't help it.

    wits, oh, Twilight relapses are totally fine =).

  9. kayni, these are such beautiful pics! Rome is amazing don't you think? So rich in history, you would almost want to imagine what went on there in the past. And your pics make it as if we're walking there with you! :)

  10. kg, yes, Rome is absolutely amazing. i'd love to go there again. i'm glad you like my photos.

  11. you are one heck of a photographer! great pictures!