Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Today, I feel like I'm the only person in the office. It is so eerily quiet - the copying room is dead, the fax machine is asleep, and I could only hear my fingers typing on the keyboard. When I took the train this morning, it was uncomfortable to see seats empty. The usual line to the coffee shop was non-existent, as I walked straight to the cashier to pay for my favorite cup of Morning Blend. On the morning before Thanksgiving Eve, DC felt uncrowded, and as someone who deals with this city's hustle and bustle, I felt a sense of freedom and relief. There are times that this city could be so unkind and unfriendly. Countless times I've thought of moving out and finding a job somewhere, but something seems to keep drawing me to stay. It's probably because most of my college friends are working in the area, and that I've gotten comfortable to the culture here. Whatever it is, I have to admit that DC has its own charms.

As I type this blog entry, I'm still wearing my sneakers instead of my work shoes. I actually neglected to dress up for work today. Why? We're only working for four hours. I just thought that my boss is so considerate, that he's decided to close the office at 1 PM giving my other coworkers ample time for their drive out-of-state. I guess that's another thing I have to be thankful for. Also, I still have my job, while other companies are laying off their workers, my company is still intact and standing firm. It is not my intention to gloat; I am just thankful that we're surviving the storm. As my boss stated on our last staff meeting, "We will get through this." His words inspired me, and that's all I needed to hear.

As I think about last year's Thanksgiving, it will be different this year. Just like the past six years, last year's Thanksgiving was big and noisy with the ex's family. This year, Thanksgiving will be small and quiet, as I'll be spending it with my Mom. Mom and I are picking up groceries this afternoon, and that we'll be bringing some food and visiting my sick aunt who lives on the other side of Maryland tomorrow. This year's Thanksgiving feels so different. Is it because there's a big change of people involved? Or is it because I have started to embrace the change that was felt forced upon me a year ago? I prefer to think of it as maturity and coping with the challenges of life. Whatever the change or changes maybe, I like it because it's on a personal level.

Lastly, I could not have survived the storms in my life without my family and friends - this includes YOU, my blogger friends. My family's been so supportive and so patient with me. I still remember calling my sister, who'd stop what she's doing just to listen to me sob my heart out on the phone. My parents who took off from work, fly ten hours just to come see me and make sure I'm okay. For the countless phone calls I received from my friends encouraging and pushing me to get up and get through the day. For the inspiring comments from my blogger friends, who have truly lighten my load when it was too heavy to carry on.

To all of you, I am so ever grateful. Your generosity has humbled me, and that my world has been a better place because of you. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Nice reflection. =)

    "There are times that this city could be so unkind and unfriendly." - These lines reminded me of the song I Won't Last A Day Without You.

    This year's Thanksgiving would be different because it is 'a minus one + more good things' situation for you. A number of occasions that you'll be observing for the first time that will be different from the previous years. We always feel better, relieved, wiser and happier (just you wait) after the storm. =)

  2. Hoping for the best for you...this is one sweet post.

    Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving "celebration" kayni! Kami dito wala nyan. :)

  3. wits, nicely said and thank you. i know all these changes are for a good reason, and i can't wait to find out what goodies awaits me.

    kg, i will surely enjoy Thanksgiving. thank you.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, it's one of the most precious things we can do, count our blessings and be thankful! Enjoy!

  5. hi kayni,

    i got teary-eyed reading your post...

    happy thanksgiving. :)

  6. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE OFFICE? Go home and enjoy the holidays... :-)

    Are you guys having turkey and all the trimmings? We're spending Thanksgiving at a friend's house and we're just bringing dessert. It should be stress-free. Best regards to your mom.

  7. Happy thanksgiving Kayni! Thank you for being my blogging friend too! =)

  8. i was touched…beyond words. indeed, it's nice to know that amidst life’s challenges, there are still a lot of things (out there) to be thankful for. let’s make everyday a “Thanksgiving” Day.:)

  9. That's one heart-felt post.

    Everytime the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving I have this urge to join in too. Not that I need the holiday to remind me to give thanks for the blessings I have but somehow the holiday gives it a deeper meaning.

    This year has been a great year for me, and my family.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kayni!

  10. I'm glad that you have a very caring support system in place who will always be there for you no matter what. That's something to be very grateful for, indeed.

    It is also heartening to know that you are slowly but surely moving on and are on the right path to healing your wounded soul.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kayni =)

  11. Happy thanksgiving! that's right, count your blessings. just the thought of all the good things will push us forward. :-)

  12. Hi.. i stumbled your blog. your post is very poignant.. cheers