Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mr. Kia

Weekends are too short, too short to even get enough rest and relaxation. It's already Sunday afternoon, and I've been fighting this feeling of not wanting to go to work tomorrow. After last week's meeting, I felt drained and couldn't get myself to do anything. If there is such thing as a stress bug, I think I've been bitten not once but ten times.

In my years of working, I've always managed my work load efficiently, but it is dealing with difficult people that really puts a strain on me. Aside from preparing for my meeting's logistics, I had to deal with our firm's "know-it-all" (Kia). Kia drove me insane, as he tried to manipulate his way and overpower my decisions. My head felt like a kettle overflowing with boiling water. It was tough containing my anger but still managed to do so. I was fuming inside, but instead of blowing up and be accused of unprofessionalism, I told him to fulfill his part while I do mine. When it got harder to deal with his behavior, I chose to ignore his antics and proceeded with my meeting as the team has planned. Amidst the challenges that I've dealt with, the meeting was a success.

After all Kia's behavior, I still thanked him for all his help. In this lifetime and wherever I am, I treat the people around me as best as I want to be treated. At work, I respect my coworkers and treat each one with respect and courtesy, but it is a different story when a receptionist who thinks he's the manager tries to manipulate or push me around just to get his way.


  1. I think all offices have these "KIAs". Yes, they are a source of stress. I try to avoid them as much as possible.

    Cheer up kayni! :)

  2. i have something for you in my blog, have a nice day

  3. Kg, OMG, I just wanted to scream at that time. I'll try to cheer up =). Thank you.

    Cheryle, Thank you for the award. You're so sweet. Be safe.

  4. Your co-workers could either be the reason why you like your job or hate it. I can empathize. I truly do. Amping!

  5. No matter how loaded, work would be manageable. But it's the unreasonable people who makes the situation hell-like. Glad you kept your tact and patience.

    About your response to Cheryle, "Be safe." - that's one of the famous Twilight lines. Lol. I'm having Twilight relapse again.

  6. We all deal with people of different attitudes, but this is what God wants us to learn: Respect them because of their strangeness or uniqueness, and respect them because they are human. I am glad you managed to be professional even if you were fuming inside. I experience that sometimes, and it's annoying, yes, but what you can do to pass it up: Smile, and the wolrd smiles back at 'ya!

  7. if only officemates could live in peaceful coexistence, that would be less one major stress in life. :)

  8. Well, during my working days there were times when I have to fake sickness just so I can skip work. Hehehe.

    Hope you have a better week this time. Just stay away from KIA..hehe. Take care!

  9. layrayski, you're so right. thank you.

    wits, i almost lost it, but thank goodness i made it through.

    'be safe' your such a "twilight" fan =).

    sheng, i love that quote. thanks for reminding me.

    josiet, that's exactly what i was thinking of - miss work today. i kept thinking though that i can use more hours for my planned vacation.

  10. Wow, it's cool how u kept ur cool! :)

    Yes, it's not easy to go to work knowing there are KIAs. But maybe that's how we are molded in character. Anyway, press on!

  11. Caryn, Thanks.

    Layad, I have to admit, such people really challenges your values and learnings. I'm glad I kept my cool and didn't stoop down to his level.

  12. that is one cool head you have kayni! sometimes it's easier to retort and say our piece, but then again, keeping cool to buy peace is much much better. :)
    stay strong!